(19 September 1966 - 17 April 2011)
  • Coco

    This one here, so brave.

    In the name of some forgotten dream

    she lives like she can't be saved

    and the stars weep into the stream.

    I thank them all, I thank them all

    and I love them all and love you.

    Such a special creature in the world

    with all to gain and lose at once

    with no regrets except regret itself.

    Sometimes - sometimes

    it all makes sense to us all

    in those sensate flashes of unity.

    The awareness melds and burns

    into something more precious

    like diamond from the ashes

    of all the loves and cares

    left from eternities spent

    among the moments.

    Composed, as the stars,

    the times of our lives...

    I LOVE this ONE.

    For Margot. Aug2010

    Uploaded by Ben Kross
    • 7 years ago
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