Guy Thulborn

Born in Brisbane, Australia on 28 November 1986
Passed away in Misty Morn, Kenmore, Australia on 22 November 2012
Late of Kilkivan Avenue
Aged 26 years
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Guy's Spindle tree in the Charente Guy at Rosalie Kindy 1988 First attempt to paint little Guy - playing on the back verandah at Bardon Guy loved water ~ at the Japanese garden, new Botanic Gardens, Brisbane, 1988 [watercolour and pen] A self-portrait done by Guy ca. 2000s, which I found this week Love from Guy in 1992 Visit to the grandparents in Wolverhampton, Aug 1987 - Sue and Guy and grandpa Dennis Turner KSSS Yr 2 Christmas photo
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We celebrated in fine style the wedding of your oldest friend James and his bride Kemly; it was a stormy start with cyclonic rain at the Botanics where I used to drop you off for QUT but your Dad and I were rescued by Andy and then Kym and Jason made a wonderful wedding venue at their home. How I wish you had been with us, my darling Sonne
Susan Turner gave a flower for Guy Thulborn
Christmas and New Year now have been got through again; the 6th Xmas for me without you. To dream about you on Thursday morning however gave me such a lift. If only I could hold you too but that joy is gone.
Susan Turner gave a flower for Guy Thulborn
I lit a candle for you at The Compassionate Friends Brisbane Candelight Service where worldwide candles are lit at 7pm local time. Love you always mein Lieber Guy
Susan Turner lit a candle for Guy Thulborn
We had lunch to remember your 30th birth day - your Dad, James, Andrew, Kym and me and of course Jackson, now 6 months old, who sadly you did not meet
Susan Turner gave a flower for Guy Thulborn
Remembering you Guy, I never met you but I know your short life was very treasured and my thoughts are with you and your Mom and Dad at this time. xx
Victoria Stallard lit a candle for Guy Thulborn
Four years and the questions remain. Anne Mac brought lilies, Kym and I took flowers to your place. My heart remains broken.
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Remembering on Remberance Day - yours was no less a battle
Susan Turner gave a flower for Guy Thulborn
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A little patch of French soil now has Guy's influence ~ a lovely tree planted by the Yarringtons - thank you so much!
  • Susan Turner: The wonderful Yarrington family planted a Spindle tree for you in Ebreon, SW France
    • 2 years ago
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With Veronica I went up the Eiffel Tour on a perfect day and now part of your has merged with the winds of Paris from one of your favourite places. Love you always; wish you were here always. Muma XXXX
Susan Turner lit a candle for Guy Thulborn