Elisabeth Bertelkamp

Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 8 January 1924
Passed away in Leichhardt N.S.W., Australia on 2 December 2015
Late of Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia
Aged 91 years
Elisabeth (Bep) Bertelkamp:
Beloved wife of the late Gerard Bertelkamp (1923-2000), mother of Gerard (Beeb) Bertelkamp and Elly Kennedy. Mother-in-law of Stewart Kennedy, Donna Bertelkamp. Grandmother (Oma) of Hannah Yeomans, Emilia Bertelkamp, Lauren Kennedy, Louise Kennedy. Great-Grandmother of Ashton Brooks Yeomans.

Northern Suburbs Crematorium

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Hi Mum, I'm thinking of you today on Mother's Day. The other day I remembered how when I was a young boy I would catch the bus into the city and walk to John Martin's and buy you aprons for Mother's Day. And you wore them every night when we would do the dishes. A memory I'll never forget because that's where I started harmonising with you. I love you and miss you.
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Happy Mother’s Day Mum. 2018 marks the 3rd mother’s day without you, so it’s a memory I’ll share instead. Living interstate and overseas from you made it difficult to enjoy a day like this together. But something I know you always looked out for was a card from Beeb. And he always remembered even though the Australian Mothers Day falls on a different date in the USA. And he always delivered some loving words that you would re-read several times. Well of course he can’t send you a card now but he did still remember and sent me a Mother’s Day wish instead. And I know it’s because he’s thinking of you too. As am I. Love you, Rest In Peace Mum xxxx
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Happy Birthday on what would have been your 94th. Missing you. And remembering you. Yesterday would have been the 70th anniversary of your and Dad's marriage too. But all these 'would haves' are not the same as having you both here. So be peaceful and content in Heaven and know we are thinking of you. Love you, El xxxx
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Mum its 2nd December 2017, two years now since you left us and I still well with tears when I write here. One month shy of 92 is not a bad number of years on earth, I wish Dad had done better than his 77 years.
It's the last decade of your life that stays in my mind, the decline of your independence as Dementia crept in. I think of the quality time that was denied to us, all the challenges you threw at me .. the first years I didn't even know it was your mind playing havoc with your personality. Still, we spent a lot of time together one way or another and I know you were happy that I was there.
Beeb was in Australia just last week for the launch of his Memoirs and for a lifetime South Australian music award. He performed in Adelaide and blew everyone away, you would have loved it and been so proud of him as you and Dad always were. Between the two of us we will keep The Bertelkamp memories alive for you and for Dad.
Love you always, forever. Elly xxxx
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A second Mother's Day without you and still missing you, Mum. Wondering when this empty feeling of you not being here, not looking like you did in your Heaven Address photo, and wishing you never had to go through those last years of Dementia, will ever go away. I need to focus on your good years of life and you had many. So that's what I celebrate for you today. Love you and hope you're at peace. El xx
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You would have been 93 today, Mum. Happy Birthday to you in heaven. You are always still on my heart and mind. I'm so grateful for the mother you were to me and how I was raised with good morals and values. I hope I have instilled those things in my own children. And so on this day I will raise a glass to your life and legacy. Happy, Happy Birthday Mum!
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Mum, today would have been your 93rd birthday. I woke early and thought about you again. It is 5.15am and the trees across the road look very serene. I remember how mesmerised you were by the beauty of a tree. I wonder if you can still enjoy them now.
It's kind of weird "speaking" to you via this memorial on HeavenAddress (Louise said it's like Facebook for the dead). Somehow it helps for me to be able to verbalise a message to you this way, to document my thoughts on your birthday and other days. I miss you, and I miss Dad.
93 is a grand age and in some ways I am grateful you are not here to bear the indignations of the Dementia that robbed your mind of your final years with us. Sometimes I feel your spirit, as if to remind me that I can't forget you. I won't. I still worry about you, hope that you are not alone, and that you are not scared.
The Sydney sun is rising over those trees now, a beautiful day for your birthday Mum. I so wish I could see you enjoying this view with me. Know that we are all remembering you and wishing you much love on this special day. Rest peacefully Mum. I love you. Elly xxxxxx
Elly Kennedy gave a flower for Elisabeth Bertelkamp
One year ago Beeb and I were in Sydney, with Stewart, with Lauren who had flown in from Melbourne, with Louise who had travelled from London, with Andrew & Pat up from Adelaide, and with a group of close Sydney friends and work colleagues. We collected in a small Chapel nearby The Marion where Mum had been in care for 4 years. Mum's surviving friends from Adelaide and the Gold Coast wouldn't have been able to travel to Sydney, contact between the elderly had become remote. Beeb's family couldn't make the long journey from the States but they were there in spirit and very much included in the memories we created for Mum's service.
Sanchita from The Marion spoke fondly about the Elisabeth she had known for only a few of Mum's <92 years. My eulogy reflected Mum's journeys from Holland to Adelaide and to Main Beach and finally in Sydney where her Dementia could be better managed in close proximity to me. Louise's words were amazing, Stewart's emotional. It's not easy to publicly farewell your mother, not all do it, such is the emotion that rises. It's personal and we all deal with it in one form or another.
One year on and I'm still dealing with it. But it's OK. I remember Mum today, the first anniversary of her death and a week later when we stood in that little Chapel and later had drinks in her honor at the Rowing Club on Sydney Harbour. I remember all the support from our Dutch families and our friends, the very kind words and the beautiful flowers and gifts. It meant so much to me. Mum would have loved it.
I hope Mum is still being looked after and that she has reunited with Dad who we lost to Alzheimer's over 16 years ago. You both live on in my heart, always.
El xx
Elly Kennedy lit a candle for Elisabeth Bertelkamp
Bep, a long lost friend. We planned to emigrate together, but we (Hetty and Frans with our two children George and Frances) cancelled 6 months before departure. Contact got lost along the way. So sorry to hear Gerard died already in 2000 and now Bep in 2015. Remember them with such fondness, we had great times with lots of laughter. Now I am 90 myself, found out both Gerard and Bep have died because Frances searched the internet. Lots of love for Gerardje and Elly, Hetty van Lent
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  • Elly Kennedy: Frances, it was really wonderful to read your Mum's message. I assume you are all in Holland? Did Hetty & Frans travel to France etc with Gerard & Bep in the 1940's? Mum would have been thrilled to hear from Hetty. Hope she's doing well. Elly
    • 2 years ago via mobile
Mum, you always liked roses and Mothers Day is a good excuse to send you one. Wish I could see your face El xxxx
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