Dr Chloe Eliza Abbott

Born in Camperdown, NSW, Australia on 31 January 1987
Passed away on 9 January 2017
Late of Penshurst
Aged 29 years
Beloved daughter, partner, sister, step daughter, grandchild, niece and friend to many. Talented and respected Medical Doctor and Podiatrist. Advocate for patients, medical colleagues and doctors in training. Champion swimmer and Australian swimming representative #581. Sausage dog lover and time travel enthusiast. “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you Chloe have burned so very, very brightly.” Read more
Woronora Crematorium

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Love you The 6 of us
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Gaga xxx
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Thinking of you and your beloved family on this day. Hugs to you all
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Much missed extraordinary Chloe, all of us who loved and treasured you see this hideous painful day cast its shadow on the horizon, a endless vortex of grief and pain. I have not yet written how much I think of you, the words simply seem so unequal to the task. I met you as the exuberant gorgeous student, that came to talk about her essays reflecting on the first, than second year of medicine. Your writing was filled with enthusiasm, passion and love - talking of your family, your beautiful sisters and your lovely Mum, stories of life as a podiatrist and in Queensland, the role water had in your life, and the urgent sense of hope medicine would bring you the tools to right the injustice you railed against. That laugh of yours, the huge expansive joy it radiated, making it impossible not to join in. I knew how important and special you would be for medicine - I so hoped you would come back and work with us - you loved our patients, the less than celebrated ones, whose stories you found inspiring and captivating,. The lure of the pool stole you away to Concord, but I had the privilege of coffee and catching up with you over the next years. Watched you fall in love with Blaise (with Zac taking the credit as a matchmaker extraordinaire) Watched and cheered (literally coming to stand with you in Taylor Square when you rallied and argued for the essential injustice of no intern positions for overseas students) as you ran into battle for anyone who needed help. I loved reading the updates from the Labour Conference, bursting with pride as I watched you, the luminous incandescent flame, illuminate our world. I cannot forgive our profession for what it did to you, to your family to all the patients who should have had you there for our world who needed you.
I miss you - every time a student sits in my office I think of you. I talk of you, tell them your story, urge them to know - this is a brutal vocation, be careful, watch your hearts. To Leonie, Terri, Michaela and Jessica - all my love to you and to you most of all Chloe. xxx
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Darling Chloe, the world is a darker place without your extraordinary light in it. Not a day goes by without thinking of you - your kooky sense of humour, your incredibly dry wit, your bed study table and your endless use of a mug for all meals - these are but the tip of the iceberg. Your humanity, determination and indomitable spirit were what made you the most amazing person I knew. I love you now and always. I just hope you're keeping the boys in line and giving the furries lots of pats.
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Thw worst day of the year is today followed closely by the second worst day 31/1 your birthday. Everyday since you left has been a bad day and every day will continue to be filled with grief, pain and sadness for us who were left behind to miss you. Deeply loved, missed and never forgotten
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2 years Chloe. Today is a painful day but the pain is there everyday, it never leaves me, I can’t ever escape it because everyday I think of you many times and wonder what life would have been like had you have chosen to stay. I miss you, I love you and I wish you were here.
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