David Rhodes

Born on 4 July 1979
Passed away on 4 January 2018
Aged 38 years

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Evie and Claire - I don’t need to tell you that Dave was a really excellent person. He had a very strong sense of loyalty and fairness, and always went out of his way to help people. His enthusiasm and vivacious approach to life were infectious and I still have one of the “worlds hottest chilli” plants in my garden, thanks to Dave. The world is quieter and more drab without him. May his awesome spirit endure with the both of you. From Clare O’Neil
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Julie Colfer posted a photo

Julie Colfer posted a photo

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Evie, I can’t begin to express how much of a great person your dad was, I only knew Dave for a couple of years but I knew from the minute he walked through the doors of The Shepherd Centre that he was going to fit right in and that him, sim and I would be as thick as thieves in our little team.
David would bend over backwards to help everyone, even though he was the IT manager he would help me with everything he was basically TSC's handyman fixing everything and anything without question or hesitation!
He was forever baking cakes and I used to get so angry that none of them were gluten free but low and behold he came in with gluten free brownies for me even though he knew I was on a diet but I wouldn’t be able to resist he definitely did this on purpose!
Dave helped my partner Richy with lots of things from buying drones to fishing rods he was extremely thoughtful and gave this lots of his time and Ill tell you I miss the pictures of the horrible fish he caught to pass on to Richy.
I will also miss the random parcels that would arrive to reception and half the time he didn’t even know what he was after ordering..i used to say god knows what kind of costume hes going to get now ...but most of all I will miss him, he made us laugh every single day and I am lucky to have known him for as long as I did and i will treasure all the laughs we had.
Love always
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I have so many memories of you Uncle Dave. I remember when you would tell me funny jokes. Here are a couple that you would love: What kind of ship never sinks? FRIENDSHIP. What do you call a donkey with only three legs? A WONKEY.
I liked it when you sent me snapchat videos of you as a hot dog? Or a dancing hot dog on the train.
We used to always argue (in a funny way) about who loved bacon the most.
Evie, your Dad was so nice. I loved him very much and will continue to love him.
I miss you Uncle Dave.
From Violet
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I have so many great memories of you, Uncle Dave.

One is when you took me to wet n wild and we went on a really scarey ride and you said if we swore you wouldn't tell mum and at the top of my lungs I screamed "holy cheese" and you have called me Mouse ever since. Another memory from that day was when we where on another ride and you said "on the count of 3 girls, jump" and at the bottom of the the ring emerged with no one it and the guy told you off for jumping out but you said we fell out. Later on you snuck me on to a ride I wasn't allowed on.

You also tricked my mum into thinking that she was adopting a bunny from one of your friends but we found out a couple of years later when mum asked who was the friend and you said there was no friend and that you went on buy swap sell because you thought our other bunny, Dandy, needed a friend.

I remember the time on Halloween when mum told us to go and put Dandy in his hutch and you hid behind the car and scared us because you were dressed up as a Dracula and kirstie picked up a log in dandys run and tried to hit you with it. We got our revenge by pelting you with a 100 water bombs on Christmas Day.

You never failed to come to nippers to support me and Kirstie. The only time you didn't come you told me the week before and said you couldn't tell me why you couldn't make it but you would visit a bit later that day. When I came home for nippers there was a slip n slide that you had set up while we were at nippers for my birthday. I'm very thankful for all the things you did for me such as taking the day off work to take me and Kirstie to Luna park, doing fun things for us whenever you looked after us like taking us bowling and taking us to the waterhole and cooking us our favourite dinners and taking us out for lunch. Another memoriy is when you took us camping and someone left their fire on and forgot about and it got really big so you put it out.

I love you so much. Always and forever. Mouse x aka Charlotte
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