• R.I.P Beauitful we are all missing you. xox
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  • We've never met but I have to commend you for being so strong for so long. I don't know and yet I feel like I do, does that make sense? I know it's crazy but sitting here typing this message, I've got tears rolling down my cheeks because I'd do anything to go back in time and have the chance to hug you and hold you tight and help you like no one has ever helped me. I love you Olivia Jane Penpraze, I love you <3
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  • Dear Olivia,
    I miss you so much. I actually got the pleasure of knowing you on Tumblr. You saved my life, you helped me through to much even though you lived on the other side of the world. May you rest in peace, my beautiful angel. I can't believe it's been almost a year since we lost the most amazing girl ever. It's been the toughest year ever. I'm staying strong for you Liv, like you always asked me to. I love and miss you so much. Rest in peace, beautiful. You are now free if all the pain<3
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  • I know a lot of these are submitted, but I couldn't help but leave my mark. Rest In Paradise, Olivia. I, like many others, didn't know Olivia until researching the meaning of Hold On Till May. The song, as well as Olivia's story, has inspired me and helped me refrain from self harming and suicide. I am very sorry for your loss. God has definitely used this in a way to help others. Always remember that He can turn every situation around and make good come out of it no matter how bad it seems.
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  • you were so precious. i know you'll continue to live in the hearts of many people and will be dearly missed each and every day <3 r.i.p beautiful xoxo
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  • Olivia Jane Penpraze u didn't deserve to die so young and u didn't deserve to get bullied!! U were a Angel on earth and now is a ANGEL IN HEAVEN! Rest In Peace Beautiful Angel!
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  • I hope that you rest in peace. Never got to meet you but you sound absoulutley beautiful. Such a sad and unlucky life all that bullying. Beautiful and dearly missed by many.
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