Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠

Born on 5 February 1938
Passed away on 25 October 2016

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Yvonne Tan posted a photo

Mum, i m happy today. We 'celebrated' your 2nd year memorial, lunar calendar, which coincided with my 56th b'day. We had siblings lunch outside & family dinner at home. Dijie & bro cooked. Our 2 ahyis joined us for dinner. We miss you lots and will keep you in our hearts always.
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Mum, today is your 2nd year of your departure. The ache in me still lingers on. I miss you & our conversations altho' some are repeats. Hope you are well & happy wherever you are. You are always on my mind & in my heart. Hugs & love with tears
khim posted a message for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
I too share your views
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Mum, time fly fast, today was the 2nd anniversary you leave us behind. But all the memory with you still in our mind & heart forever
If follow lunar calendar it counted as 3rd anniversary on 02-Nov-18, old thinking people said must burn another house in 3rd anniversary. For me, after end of life nothing is left in any place, as such will no burning any house for you. The money for the house is better have a prayer in temple for you, or contribute / donate to others who really need it under your name. Hope you can understand and support my action on this.
Wish you rest in peace with brother in heaven.
Yvonne Tan gave a flower for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Dear mum,sorry today in year 2016 let you suffer for the scope.In fact at Sri Kota I already want the scope to perform but I'm the younger so no dare to voice up.Insit want the scope done for you,cause we really want to save you,from the scope we can knew where the bleeding from internal.Although already 2 years but we still can't accept the fact that you leave us behind without any single word. We all really miss you so much. Love you,mum
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Yvonne Tan posted a photo

  • Yvonne Tan: Mum, you will go for cruise holiday departure on 22.08.2018 @ 9.00pm. The ticket bought by 3rd sister to you. Caused 3rd sister said you enter her dream and informed her that you will go for holiday 1 weeks ago before departure for the holiday. Wish you have a nice & enjoyable holiday
    • 2 years ago
  • Yvonne Tan: Mum, you really seldom travel for holiday. Yesterday heavy rain & strong wind after you on board to the cruise but due the bad weather delay departure time. Remember went to Langkawi for holiday, bus tyre puncture & ship to Langkawi break down in the middle of the road & sea. Heard from the Fairy Park employees that 22 years celebrating salvation, the rain only start after settle everything. But this year special heavy rain & strong wind start during the passenger on board. Ha...all your child laughing and said sure mum cause the heavy rain & strong wind caused never travel. I already booking for the ticket for year 2020 for you . God & 4th sister said you mentioned before need perform it for 3 times to complete the cycle. Happy & enjoy your holiday
    • 2 years ago
Yvonne Tan posted a photo

  • Yvonne Tan: Y2018 salvation ceremony (19~22.08.2018)
    • 2 years ago
Mother, u r really going on hol soon. Sim mentioned to me that they've bought u 'tickets' on a cruise. Such an unbelievable coincidence. We love you always
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