Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠

Born on 5 February 1938
Passed away on 25 October 2016

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  • 8 months ago
To the most wonderful woman in my life
Khim posted a message for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Dear mum,
Thank very much you bless me to get a job. Yesterday morning went to Fairy Park visited you. Cause my hubby said must personally let you aware your bless to me, he said then you will no worry about my career. Ha... no idea what food bring to visit you. Hope you like the food
Yvonne Tan lit a candle for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Dear mum,
Thanks you bless me get a job, the company just 2.5km distance from my house. Hopefully I can work with this company till my retire age.
My Zumba teacher's mum cook oyster rice yesterday and given me 2 bowls to bought home. The rice tastes she cook really like yours , During taken this rice in last month end party i cried in my heart and feel so painful, I really miss you a lot. I remember every time you cook this rice sure will called me home for dinner.
Yvonne Tan gave a flower for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Mum,I already tender my position at Sanyco due work too stressful.After will go for an interview at Seksyen 15,Shah Alam.This company is a MNC company,HQ at Australia.Tommorrow will attend another interview at Bukit Rajah,this company also MNC company,HQ also at Australia too.Please bless me can get a good job and work till my retire age,thanks mum
Yvonne Tan lit a joss stick for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Mum, i dedicate this to you:
When i think of you & my childhood & i smile, i know i was raised by a great & wonderful woman.
Missing you lots especially on festive seasons.
Hope you are well & happy wherever you are now.
khim lit a candle for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Dear mum,
Today is mother day, Happy mother day & wish you happy at anywhere you are. This is the 3rd years can't celebrate with you on this day. Really miss you, mum
Yvonne Tan gave a flower for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Dear Mum, 2 days ago (27.04.19) brother, sister in law & gajea look for me & my hubby for dinner at Chen Chen "Yong Tahu", Setia Alam. Brother said miss your "yong tahu" so much. I miss all foods you cook. Really miss you so much, hope you really rest in peace and happy at heaven
Yvonne Tan lit a candle for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Dear mum, tell you an unforgettable experience/incident happen to me last Sat (20-April-2019). On this date, take leave follow my hubby to Setiawan for his trial work. Once arrived & parked the car at oil palm estate., feel my stomach very... painful and seem like want to do "". Then quickly informed him, the 1st respond of him is send me out to the nearest petrol station, but i really can't stand to the petrol station cause the distance is 10km from the estate we are located. Then he sad in this case no choice force to find a place to do it at estate, i force to agreed with it, and quickly look at place suitable to me for doing this "big.... business". After find a location which near the drain, then he moved the car to cover me. After done it i keep on "bising" to him use some of water to clean it, then used some of water it the car to clean, but cause of water too little so no really clean, then i used the leaves fall to cover it. After 2 hours, he completed the work, i asked him quickly leave the estate caused my stomach pain again, then he drive very fast send me to petrol station. Arrived the petrol station, the lady toilet was lock, so he asked me enter male toilet and lock the main entrance. But the main entrance lock damaged, then he stand at main door to stop male enter it. Ha..... I can't believe too 1st time a just manage to do my "" at the estate. U & my hubby knew me well, if the toilet no clean i will "tahan" till find a clean toilet only release my "small" or "big" business.
Yvonne Tan posted a message for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠
Dear mum, you should happy if knowing that Thoe change a lot, yesterday during prayed brother, Thoe want to bought us ais-cream. Really surprising that she bought for dad too. I really feel happy on this, at least she slowly forgive dad. Now really worried of gajea, she can't get along with anyone too. Really dun know how to help her???
Yvonne Tan lit a candle for Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠