Lim Poh Choo 林宝珠

Born on 5 February 1938
Passed away on 25 October 2016

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Mum,happy birthday and wish you happy life in other world.
I informed you that working now, yesterday my hubby asked me to tender cause of my health.Really get me a shock during saw the reading 26.9 after back from exercise,this is the 1st time so high reading I saw since diagnosis.My hubby comments that I too pressure from work.True his comments cause worked whole weekend at home and every mid night wake up for work,my reading since 1st day joined till now (1.5 months) also no good and menstrual affected too. Work load too heavy and I still no familiar with the work so affected my health.Lucky 2.30am wake up test again go down to 9.9 but still no good.This round HbA1c result sure out.My hubby said if work affected health better quit,caused money can't buy health.Yes he can support me but I prefer to use my earn money spend anything I like.Mum,if you really hear please give me a good solution and suggestions.Highly appreciated
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Mum, this afternoon tuahchi & thoe had their first cny guest. It was a pleasant surprise - mr & mrs 'onion' visited them on motorbike. I felt touched & proud that i've a wonderful mum who's remembered by friends.
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  • Yvonne Tan: After 4 years without mum around,none of guest visited this house during CNY
    • 2 weeks ago via mobile
Mum,today is 1st day if mouse year 2020. Pow prepare Bamboo mushroom chicken and begger chicken take with brother's family at his house. 4th years CNY without you celebrate miss you a lot.How the dishes prepare by brother?
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Mi, it's lunar new year today, 4th yr without u. Time flies. We miss you lots. Worse is gan has forgotten that his wife is from klang! Without you around, our trips are shorter. Have to leave early morning when tuahchi & thoe leave for work. In the past, you would always rang me after reunion dinner & asked my menu! I miss that call now. Hope you are well & happy wherever you are. Love & missing you always
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Dear mum, would like to update you some of good news, after heard sure you will feel happy

(1) Yesterday (02-Dec-2019) was the big girl graduation convocation. Father and I attended too
(2) Boy will get marry on 10-Oct-2020 (Saturday). Without you beside to give advice on the wedding dinner invitation, brother feel difficult to invite Tan's uncles & aunties side. This morning I given some advice but final decision still on him.
(3) This coming Saturday (07-Dec-2019) is erjea's 2nd son marry
(4) Small girl also enter UTeM, Melaka, her course is same with big girl
(5) You promoted 5 months ago to grand-grandma. Erjea's eldest daughter in law borned a baby boy
(6) Brother bought an apartment to boy at Cyberjaya. Now under renovation. Before CNY 2020 can move in
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Mum, sincerely apologize didn't given you a pray on your lunar 3 years anniversary,caused just joined a new company so no nice to take leave.
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Dearest mother, today is your 3rd year memorial according to the lunar calendar. Bro, thoe & pei asked me to "puak puay" to invite you but u merely laughed, twice. Did u njoy the food that bro prepared? What about pei's chinese sponge cake? Love & miss u lots.
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  • Yvonne Tan: The marmite prawn too salty if cook chicken or pork is best.Brother said every prayer to you sure have a new dish,I replied him mum sure comments that marmite prawn no delicious,caused you like " har log".
    • 4 months ago via mobile
Dear mum,I tender from the trading medical equipment company which near my house,caused I really boi tahan the accounts so messy.Since my 1st job till now,this is the accounts I face it so messy.Yesterday my hubby help me do a AR aging by seagate to more details for over due above 121+ days,he don't have accounts knowledge also can comment that accounts so messy.Today lunch at brother's house, asked him fried fried " cow York" meehoon,then told sister in law I quit from this company,sister in law comments that really can't work with this company caused waste time.Hope you may bless me to find a good job for me work till my retire age.
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  • khim : It's ok..slowly search. Don't stress yourself. Best wishes & good luck
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Yesterday randall, huay kean & i had ',mihun ge'. Huay kean asked me if i know how to cook this dish. I replied in the negative. She remembers that your 'mihun ge' is yummy. She said bro tian picks up your skill haha....
Love & missing u always
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  • 6 months ago