Who we are

HeavenAddress (ABN 60 144 648 215) is a universal memorial community, built to unite families and communities as they celebrate, honour, and respect the lives of lost friends or loved ones regardless of time, place or creed.

The name "heaven" and "address" is used as a concept of a peaceful place to create an everlasting memories of your loved one.

The HeavenAddress team believe that:

  • every person is a hero to somebody
  • every life lived is unique and important
  • the sharing of memories can provide comfort to those left behind
  • connecting with family, friends and organisations creates a community, which provides comfort, support and a sense of belonging.

What is an online memorial?

For many, the term 'online memorial' is new; you may have heard of the alternative terms 'online tributes', 'obituaries', 'death notices' or 'funeral notices'.

We'd prefer to think of HeavenAddress as much more than an obituary or death notice site - your listing is intended to be a lasting record of the life of your lost friend or loved one.

An online memorial allows you to preserve and share your precious memories with family and friends around the world. A HeavenAddress memorial allows you to share photos, post tributes, write condolence messages and much more than a traditional funeral listing.

An online memorial is neither morbid and nor does it focus on death. The primary objective of HeavenAddress memorials are to help you remember and celebrate the precious moments you shared with your friends and lost loved ones, and to share those memories.

The HeavenAddress difference

Unlike other online memorial sites, HeavenAddress does not place advertisements on our memorial pages, preferring to maintain a respectful and peaceful space for our customers.

We do include the names and details of partners associated with each listing including funeral homes, memorial parks, charity organisations and other related services.

We are partnered with over 80 funeral industry providers in over 250 locations, and many of these partners choose to offer a complementary HeavenAddress memorial to their clients.

If your funeral director or memorial park is not partnered with HeavenAddress we charge a one-off fee of $180 for a lasting online memorial. If you refer your funeral director to us and they partner with HeavenAddress, the cost of the memorial will be refunded in full.

What HeavenAddress offers

A HeavenAddress memorial complements physical memorials so you may:

  • Visit online memorial when you are unable to visit the memorial park,
  • Share with friends and family around the world,
  • Leave tributes and messages, light a candle, or send virtual flowers,
  • Personalise with photos, music and videos,
  • Have a respectful and lasting online space for your family and friends,
  • Choose a charity and request donations in lieu of gifts or flowers,
  • Join community groups for comfort and support,
  • Get access to an understanding and helpful support team,
  • Have vigilant moderation to maintain and respectful memorial.

Our Communities

HeavenAddress is the home of online memorial groups for many high profile service, charity and community organisations including:

  • Australian Defence Force
  • McGrath Foundation
  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation
  • Little Haven Palliative Care
  • Indo-China Chinese Association NSW

HeavenAddress community groups provide an outlet for families to share and move through their grief experience together, share memories and honour the lives of their lost loved ones.

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you so much for provisioning such a wonderful service and so quickly responding to update requests. This is a truly excellent service. It has enabled us to share the honour we have for our Mum, Grandma, GG and friend"
Ann M.

"I've found this HeavenAddress absolutely fantastic in being able to share memories of a friend amongst a network of family and friends from around the world. Many of us have loved reading tributes and seeing photos of his life and it is helping us through this difficult grieving process."
Joe C.

"Thank you very much, thank God, there are people that started websites like this, as it helps everyone deal with their loss in their own way & this website does help all concerned."
Marin K.

"You are providing an excellent service for the community.This site looks 'happy' therefore comforting."
Gail P.

"That's perfect team!! you guys are tops, mum's (online memorial) is looking real good now. I will be in touch soon as i would like to set up one for my Dad and Gran. I highly recommend you folks to everyone i know."
Adam L.

"What a great site, a friend I have not seen in years just posted a tribute for mum. Thank you!"
Anne-Marie P.

"Thank you so very much, this is wonderful. I have family in Australia & NZ and this is a great way for them to connect to Corey as well as his parents. I really do appreciate the platform you have provided to family... it really is wonderful."
Lisa W.

"I just emailed our funeral director the link to show her as they conducted both my parents' funerals weeks apart and told her they should put the link in their little brochure they give out after the funeral. I'm sure they must know about it already but just in case they don't. I told her how easy it was to use and navigate around and how great it will be for all our friends interstate and overseas who wished they could be at the funeral."
Joy P.

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