(22 January 1965 - 24 January 2015)
  • Scientific Laboratory Assistant
    Tania Kathleen Ngatai was beautiful but also extremely intellegent! She understood many things in this world that we don't, she had a passion for Chemistry/Science! She struggled through her 30s studying Science/Chemistry to get a head - She loved learning about everything & handed this passion down to me. Mum was so understanding & smart, She loved working out the structure of objects. She loved atoms and organisms!

    Tania since being a young girl was keen on learning anything & everything, especially Politics, Human rights, culture, Environmental sciences & Horticulture - She wasn't just beautiful, she was witty, funny, kind, loving & extremely intelligent - She had an incredible mind but not as much people motivating her as she should of had... build people up - never pull them down VICTORY HANDKISSING FACE WITH CLOSED EYES
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    • 4 years ago
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