Tania Ngatai

Born in Waitara, New Zealand on 22 January 1965
Passed away in New Plymouth, New Zealand on 24 January 2015
Aged 50 years
Beautiful, Kind, Loving mother of Rana, Edan & Chris. Dearly loved daughter of Felix and Marie. Loved and cherished sister of Richard. Loved by dear friends Mark and Taylor. Loved friend to Corinne and Robyn, and beloved teenage love to Donald. Gorgeous lovely Tania, May you rest peacefully beautiful kind soul, forever loved and always treasured by her family and friends. May you be at Peace. We will always remember you and our times together. A celebration of Tania’s life will be held at ... Read more

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Mother; As a child you were the one who'd bring home sick Animals to look after them & nurse them back to health; but when you got older you moved to people & everything changed; you helped people who wanted to take advantage of you; jealous, greedy people who wanted everything you had; people who wanted you to feel as hollow & black as they were, they ended up taking your happiness, your money, your freedom and eventually your life, I so sorry I let him do this to you, you always deserved more.
Rana Searle gave a flower for Tania Ngatai
It makes me feel so sad that a Beautiful Flower like you had to Bloom and leave when Greedy, Rude, Inconsiderate People continue to walk the Earth spreading their horrible thoughts and sad views of others, I don't blame you for leaving, I'm just Sorry the World was so Cold to You.. Missing You Always & Loving You Forever!
Rana Searle gave a flower for Tania Ngatai
Back in NZ now I Miss you even more, knowing you weren't here to miss me is one of the hardest things, You seemed to make me feel Important, Needed & Loved.. Everyday without You is Hard & Saddening but I know I need to be Tough like you told Me, if not for Me but for Everyone Suffering..
Rana Searle gave a flower for Tania Ngatai
Mark and I are thinking about you Today, Well everyday but a lot Today ;) We Love You & Miss You So Much! Everyday it feels like we get further away from you, when in reality I hope your with us everyday.. following us and enjoying the beautiful views that life gift us.. I hope your still out there, floating over the world, seeing everything you missed in life... I LOVE YOU MUMMY DEAREST! Love you forever!
Rana Searle gave a flower for Tania Ngatai
My Stunning Mum, My Beautiful Friend, I am Missing You Every Single Day of My Life, Now you can Rest in Peace Mum. You ARE such a Beautiful Soul, So Caring, So Kind, So Beautiful, Inside and Out. I should have realised how truly lucky I was to have such a non Judgemental Mum. You Accepted EVERYONE, Rich or Poor, Old or Young, You accepted Everyone. You were a True Gentle soul & I am so Sorry You had to go, I am so sorry I could not make your troubles disappear. You will ALWAYS mean Everything to me just like when I was a Little Girl, You will always be my Hero, My Idol, My Friend, My Love... My Mum. You will never be forgotten, EVER.
Rana Searle gave a flower for Tania Ngatai