Tania Ngatai

Born in Waitara, New Zealand on 22 January 1965
Passed away in New Plymouth, New Zealand on 24 January 2015
Aged 50 years
Beautiful, Kind, Loving mother of Rana, Edan & Chris. Dearly loved daughter of Felix and Marie. Loved and cherished sister of Richard. Loved by dear friends Mark and Taylor. Loved friend to Corinne and Robyn, and beloved teenage love to Donald. Gorgeous lovely Tania, May you rest peacefully beautiful kind soul, forever loved and always treasured by her family and friends. May you be at Peace. We will always remember you and our times together. A celebration of Tania’s life will be held at ... Read more

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REM - Everybody Hurts
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Im So Sorry things have turned sour in the family, Christopher can have everything, at the end if the day I had the best thing cause I had you! I don't need the material possessions you left here because we don't leave this world with 'things' we leave thus world with memories and love! Experiences are important not material object. You and your memory are important to me, not your stuff. You tought me that. I LOVE YOU MUM xoxo
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My Birthday is around the corner or should I say our Birthday, I was a Gemini-Cancer born on the Southern hemisphere winter solstice from an Aquarius and Sagittarius in the Aquarian time of the Earth, The chances are 1 in 1 Billion but we made it true... Now I travel on this earth unfortunately without you... The age of the Gemini-Cancer are amongst us and I must tredge through this time longing to be near you
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Beautiful Mother, My heart wimpers, my soul cries, I miss you My Mother, your touch, your comfort, your love, your understanding. YOU. I know your here with me through all this pain, I know I'm not alone on this journey, I know your hand is in mine, telling me to be strong and to be true to me. I Love you so much my dearest Mummy
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Faith No More - Mum loved Mike Pattens music
Mother, I know the pain you lived with, I know why you were the way you were. I know the suffering you had struggled with, the niggling pain and weight society projected on people like us.. people who care, people who open all of their heart only to be let down time and time again.. You never deserved this pain - people are blind to this pain, they carry on in numbed lives convincing them self this is the way life should be, but it's not. I understand Mum xx
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To my beautiful mother, missing your presence in my life, I'm going in for my cell removal operation tomorrow, I know if you were here you'd be by my side every step making sure I have all the support I need cause that's who you are, Beautiful. I Love you so much Mum and always have you in my heart. Until the end of eternity, missing you
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You took yourself away from us because of 'Love'.. You took your life because of 'Love'.. One year after you left Earth that 'love' that convinced you to kill yourself died.. He didn't take his life because of the guilt & pain he felt after he told you that you "Had to kill yourself" No of course not.. He accidentally fell down a bank at the park where you would walk your dogs and slowly died from internal bleeding... If only this had happened before he distroyed all of our lives and ended yours
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To my dearest mother and true bestfriend; I hope where ever you are you are finally at peace and can be free from all the suffering and pain of this world SUNFLOWER I miss you more than words could ever describe but also understand what this world & it's people have done to your spirit.. not a day passes where your not on my mind, till we meet again
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My dearest mother; I look out at the stars at night; nothing is the same anymore. You were taken for granted one to many times... you were here for everyone but who was here for you... now your face fills every waking thought; longing to be held tight in my Mother's warm and comforting embrace. I adored you from the moment I arrived and shall continue till I vacate.. You are a goddess Mum.
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