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When Derek Goh's father passed away a few years ago at age 94, and being the youngest son in a family of six sisters and a brother, Derek had learnt about his parents’ hardships in raising them. None of their stories will be passed on to future generations unless we have a way of preserving them.

A Google search for an online memorial website to remember his late father left Derek disappointed as he could not find one that was decent enough to portray one word to honour the deceased (loved one); RESPECT. Derek saw two advertisements, one was promoting weight loss, and the other was an advertisement for teeth whitening. These advertisements that appeared on the website deeply saddened Derek as it showed serious disrespect for the deceased.

Derek's motivations to start HeavenAddress were as follows:

  1. Simply to have a RESPECTFUL online space to remember our loved ones
  2. With an IT background and coming from a big humble family, Derek thought it would be great to preserve memories of our loved ones – for the benefit of future generations. It is the norm for celebrities to have biographies but ordinary people have many hero or heroine stories too. "Everyone is someone else’s hero".
  3. He noticed the memorial park (cemetery) was divided into sections based on community faiths such as Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish etc. Derek’s family is comprised of various faiths, and it seems when their time comes, they might be buried in different places. Derek thought perhaps they might be separated physically, but virtually, they can be all together in the same place.