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(24 June 1952 - 31 January 2014)

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  • William I miss your smiling face and easy style. Your cheerfulness always brought a smile to everyone's face and I shall miss teasing you about wearing your red shirt. No-one ever knew of your suffering or pain. I am so sorry I was not aware of your passing before now but I salute you as a friend and an inspiration.
    Ian Nicholas signed the Guest Book
  • I dreamed of you last night.You were riding a bike leisurely.I followed you and called you loudly.You looking back at me,and asking me to calm down with a kindly smile...
    vivian li signed the Guest Book
  • Bill, you were an inspiration to all. Regardless of how sick you were (more days than not), you fronted up to work, put on your happy face and made everyone feel great just for being in your presence. Your courage never ceased to amaze me. I'll miss your beaming smile and warm heart, and your infectious humour.
    All my love to you and Stanley, Killey and all the Lees and their loyal staff.
    Ian Elliot
    Ian Elliot signed the Guest Book
    • Killy: Thanks for your support, Ian.
      • 6 years ago via mobile
  • To Stanley and all the family, our sincere condolences on the passing of William.

    Apologies for the delayed message but I only just found out about Williams passing.

    James Gock and family, Brisbane
    James Gock signed the Guest Book
  • when I see your face and smile, make me drop into deepness and endless missing. Dear Mr lee, may you rest in peace in heaven. The paredise lies wherever you're.
    vivian li signed the Guest Book
  • vivian li signed the Guest Book
  • 轻轻的你走了,你的音容、你的笑貌,只能在回忆中重现;怀念中重温。你对朋友是那么的热情、重义;对亲人、爱人是那么的奉献和苛护,对后背、对员工那种无言的关怀;对生活那种追求,对生命那种豁达;对病痛那种坚毅与洒脱,实是我们之楷模,更值得敬仰。
    Leo Qiu signed the Guest Book
  • On behalf of the Point Family, Pam and daughters Belinda, Jacqui and myself (Virginia and son Tim) who have known William since his early twenties, we are so very sorry to hear this sad, sad news. We were unaware of William's passing and apologise to Stanley and family for not attending his memorial service. Our thoughts are with you.
    Virginia Marsden (nee Point) signed the Guest Book
  • Uncle Bill was a very caring individual, who was always giving and warm. Being young and away from home, Yee Sook was always generous with his kindness. The vivid memory of visiting Yee Sook and Killy in Thailand - they both gave me a red packet when I arrived safely at their home. I will always cherish and remember these kind gestures in my heart. I am utterly thankful to have known this wonderful man and will forever miss his charms and wits. May he Rest in Peace.
    Christina Hoang signed the Guest Book
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