Terrie Liew Lai Peng

Born in Malaysia on 21 February 1966
Passed away in Australia on 3 January 2020
Aged 53 years
Always remembered by family and loved ones.
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Dear Kok Chen, you and your children will miss Lai Peng for some time, but you will get through it. Lai Peng will always be remembered for her caring nature to all her friends and family and those who know her. She was never selfish and always generous with her time for others. She was a leader, at school, at work, with her family and with her friends, and had the respect and love from those who know her. She was always frank with what she said, with little embellishments, but that is what makes her who she is. Lai Peng has always been a very strong willed person and a fighter. So, shall you, for her and your family. We will miss her......
Will Son & Chee Yin
Will Son posted a message for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
Dear KC, Angel, Alex and Ave, deepest condolences to you. Terrie has been the light and the energy around us. We will miss her.

Jit Boon & Lina
Lim JB posted a message for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
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