Terrie Liew Lai Peng

Born in Malaysia on 21 February 1966
Passed away in Australia on 3 January 2020
Aged 53 years
Always remembered by family and loved ones.
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Dear Lee, Angel, Alex & Avie, our deepest condolences during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs from us.
Steven and Christina Leong
Christina Leong lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
If I told you I was lost for words, you'd probably not believe me and laugh it off in your usual semi-cheeky way. But I am.
I wasn't betting on that phone call you made to me a day before you left to be your last. In a way, my heart was refusing to accept that you wouldn't bounce back in spite of the seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against you. We had spoken about so many things, the sweet and not so sweet stuff - your thoughts, concerns and wishes.Thank you for letting me be a part of your world , for having faith in me and most of all, for making me feel like a part of your family. I am going to miss your energy and your spirit.
And if by chance, somehow, if these words don't get to you - in that New World, I hope that the vibrations and emotions behind these words, would be felt by you. I really never gave up and tried my best.
Till our paths cross again

Dear KC, Angel, Alex & Avie
Sending you all our love and thoughts. We have always regarded you as part of the extended family (Terrie would not have had it any other way) . Will keep all f you in our prayers.
Michael R lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
Dear Terrie,

You were so kind, helpful, cheerful and full of life. Your strength and courage has been a true inspiration to many.
Always cherish the fun time we had when we served the KKHRA community.

And... there are no goodbye for us, wherever you are; you are always in our heart.

May your soul Rest in Peace.

Kok Chen, Angel, Alex and Avie, our thoughts and prayers will be with you during this difficult time.

From all of us
Vivienne Loo, BP Teoh, Wy Sean, Wey Zach Wei Han, Wei Eainn
Kota Kemuning
Vivienne Loo lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
Dear Terrie, your strength, courage and determination has been a true inspiration. I hope you are at peace.

To KC, Angel, Alex and Avie, Terrie will always be with us, watching over us. I know this is hard but it is not goodbye, we will simply miss her until we meet again.

Much love,
Sharon Kam lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
Terrie, you were a brave person who had fought long and hard. God had given you quality time to spend with your family before you left. I still remember Alex and Avie were so young maybe 3 to 5 yrs old whn they came to my house in KL, how much they hv grown. Kok Chen, we will not be able to comprehend the enormous pain of losing Terrie. One thing I m sure, she would want you all to continue living your life to the fullest with her living in your hearts. Together with Angel, Alex and Avie, draw strength from each other. I believe you can pull through this difficult period. Love Loksang
LS ONN lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
Terrie...you have always been the sister I never had. All thro these 17+ years of friendship, you have shown me your unconditional love, kindness, support and care. There is no doubt about this. I couldnt have asked for more in a friend than what you have shown me. We created some very fond and wonderful memories together. We were supposed to travel the world together after my retirement...be free to go where we want and eat what we want...Cant believe you are gone now...all too soon to become the angel you want to be in the throne of God. I know you have suffered alot of pain but you were so brave and courageous in the face of those tough challenges. I was with you some part of your fight and I saw it all unfolding! You are such an inspiration to me and I am so proud to have met you and become your friend in this lifetime. I will miss you dearly....and terribly. Your mission on earth is accomplished and if you need to go take your long rest now...I prayed and hope that you will go in peace and I am glad you did just that. Love you.

To Capt Lee, Angel, Alex and Avie, our thoughts and prayers are with you all in these difficult times. We know you will all miss Terrie/mommy very much but we also know she has prepared you well for this eventuality - to take care and support each other when she is not around. We pray you will all stay strong and to conitnue to support and love each other to make mama proud. As always, we are just a 'call' away. If need be, just holler and we will be there for you. hugs and kisses from all of us at 93114.
FPLEE lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
Dear Kok Chen, you and your children will miss Lai Peng for some time, but you will get through it. Lai Peng will always be remembered for her caring nature to all her friends and family and those who know her. She was never selfish and always generous with her time for others. She was a leader, at school, at work, with her family and with her friends, and had the respect and love from those who know her. She was always frank with what she said, with little embellishments, but that is what makes her who she is. Lai Peng has always been a very strong willed person and a fighter. So, shall you, for her and your family. We will miss her......
Will Son & Chee Yin
Will Son posted a message for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
Dear Terrie,
You always the big sisters to the Kams, and thank you for always be there for my parents. I always admire your positive attitude. Miss you..

My deepenest condolences, KC!
Enjee lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
Dear Kok Chen, Our deepest condolences to you and family . Terrie has been a wonderful friend and we will deeply miss her.
Chin Yoon Ling lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
My deepest condolences to Kok Chen and family. May Terrie Liew rest in peace.
Bill Woo lit a candle for Terrie Liew Lai Peng
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