Stephanie Joy Aspite

Born in Australia on 14 November 1968
Passed away on 5 December 2012
Aged 44 years


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As 5 years pass, the boys are growing so fast. They are living with all the goodness you instilled into them with love and care and a warm heart. They are proof of our love and unity for 22 years of marriage. I am so proud of that.
We all are still saddened without you in our lives especially at the special times. Sam becoming a young man at 18, Oscar at uni enjoying his life and Luis now in high school learning all things new.
I often image what our lives would be like if you were still here with us. How all the hardship and tears never existed. But more important how you would have enjoyed this phase of life with me.
Forever in our hearts
Love always Leo xxx
Leo Aspite posted a message for Stephanie Joy Aspite
4 years today
God bless you.
Leo,Oci, Sam and Luis xxx
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