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Ronald (Ronnie) Lock

Born on 22 June 1954
Passed away on 27 December 2016
Aged 62 years
Eva turned 4 and little Chloe 1! We love and miss you so much. We live on for you. My two girls who will love and always know about you ❤ Your granddaughters who love you and will always know about you. We speak of you all the time. We love and miss you always.
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There is never a moment in life where a daughter stops needing her father.

I still need you dad, I will always need you.

No words will ever be able to express how much I love and miss you everyday.

You are, hands down, the strongest and bravest person I have ever met.

I will always be in awe of you.
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Love and miss you always dad.

Like I say everyday, I am so proud of you.

Wishing you were here with us
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I still can't believe you're not here with us. It is so unbearable and hurts more than ever. We all love and miss you dad. More than you'll ever know. But I know I will be with you again one day. just how you have been reunited with your mum. It will be a long wait. But our time will come too and I know you'll be waiting for us. I hope you're doing all the traveling that you never got to do here. I am always thinking about you and how perfect life was when you were here. We really had it all. I just so wish you were here with us still. There was so much more for you in this world. We love you always.
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In tears thinking of how much I miss you, how much we had, how much more you could have had but feeling blessed for all the wonderful memories - all the family holidays, being involved in Chris's football, the girls dancing and their concerts, all the parties where we let our hair down with the kids and their friends. Times spent with family and friends. So glad that you had a job that you loved so much but you also loved home. Chris seems so lost when he visits now. I look over in the corner where you use to sit and imagine you there watching the footy or Frazier or Friends and laughing out loud. I imagine you leaning on the pool fence just staring out at the pool and watching if anyone was swimming. Chris often walks over and leans on the fence just like you did & I know he is thinking of you. There is a huge hole in our hearts without you here. You would have been amused by the antics of all your grandkids. Would have loved to have been sharing all this with you but unfortunately, life isn't perfect but for me it was for 40 years - more than a lot of people ever have.I will try to continue to be grateful for all I have but will always be sad for what you have missed out on. I hope you are looking over us from heaven and content to know that we are managing to get on with our lives even though we are all heartbroken. Love you with all my heart and soul. Vicki
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Never gets easier. Love you always. Missing you more than ever
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Sometimes I wonder about numbers and their connections. 22 was Mum & Dad's "lucky number" - both our birthdays were the 22nd. You left this physical earth the same date as your grandfather and mother which was the the 27th December. Mum & Dad's anniversary is the 27th February.
Vicki lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
Hi dad, feeling really sad tonight and missing you so much. It's so heartbreaking that you're missing out on so much. Spending time with your grandkids. Travelling with mum. It just seems so unfair. I still can't believe you're gone. I love you.
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