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Ronald (Ronnie) Lock

Born on 22 June 1954
Passed away on 27 December 2016
Aged 62 years
Eva turned 4 and little Chloe 1! We love and miss you so much. We live on for you. My two girls who will love and always know about you ❤ Your granddaughters who love you and will always know about you. We speak of you all the time. We love and miss you always.
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It's almost physically impossible living without you dad, but somehow we continue to everyday. I think that's a glimpse of your strength in us that shines through and as a family being in this together, we do it all for you. We live on for you knowing in our hearts we will be with you again one day. It just seems too far away. I need to do my job and raise my two girls. But I know I'll be back in my dads arms again. I can't wait to see you again dad. A lifetime away is so unfair. I wish you back everyday. I wish you were here for mum. You both deserved forever together. I hope you both have eternity together one day in another world that's way more beautiful than here and somehow manage to win the happily ever after you both deserve. My heart aches without you. I would do anything to hear your voice again, give you a big cuddle and kiss, you were our everything. Life will never be the same again. We just need you. We love you dad. It only grows stronger everyday. Promise.

Love reckle xx
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Father's Day won't ever be the same without you and Dad, It was made easier having Michelle sleep over. She slept in our bed. I think she wanted to feel close to you. Sienna yelled out she loved you on Father's Day. I hope you heard her.We were all thinking about you but words are sometimes too hard to say.We talk about you always but not so much about our feelings. I guess that it is because we all know what each other are feeling. So difficult for our kids not having you here for Father's Day. You were a wonderful Dad. Love you, Vicki
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Happy Father's Day to the first man I ever loved. My world would shine so much brighter if you were still here. I love and miss you everyday dad. Thank you for being the best and most amazing, fun, loving, caring dad in the whole world. We were so lucky to have you as ours.
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Going through all the photos as I do. So many wonderful memories. I wish it wasn't so excruciating this feeling of missing you. The photos are wonderful but they just remind me of how much I miss how everything use to be. I love you. There will never be anyone else for me. You were and always will be my everything along with our beautiful family.
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We will never stop missing you. I try to be grateful for all of our memories but I am greedy and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. I wish we could mend our kid's broken hearts...
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Hi dad.
Please know that no matter how much time passes, I am always carrying you with me and I will everyday until I am with you again. I will keep annoying you by talking to you non stop and will continue to tell you how much I love you, just like I did when you were here. I really miss seeing you, hearing your voice and being able to give you a kiss and cuddle. What I would do to visit you!! You are and always will be our world.
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Hi Dad,
I’m missing you like crazy, as I always do. But I’m finding it harder to ‘carry on’ with everyday life and just feel like crying all the time.
I hope heaven is everything and more for you. It’s not the same here without you.

They had an article on the news the other week about a new trial drug that had been working well on blood cancers. I hope it works and is a break through so no one else has to go through what we have. But I wish these things were discovered earlier so we got to keep you.

On a lighter note as I’m sure you know, I adopted two rescue cats. They are really cute... got us evicted from the place we were at, but they were worth it.

I love you, more than life itself.
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Hurting, missing and loving you always.
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Give Dad a hug for me, Ronnie. Missing you both so much. 5 years since Dad left us. I know he thought the world of you and you loved him too. I wish Dad's wish had have come true when he made his wish on his 80th birthday that you would get better.
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