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Ronald (Ronnie) Lock

Born on 22 June 1954
Passed away on 27 December 2016
Aged 62 years
Eva turned 4 and little Chloe 1! We love and miss you so much. We live on for you. My two girls who will love and always know about you ❤ Your granddaughters who love you and will always know about you. We speak of you all the time. We love and miss you always.
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Chloe kept carrying around a framed photo of you today dad. It's beside my bed and she's never touched it before but today, numerous amounts of times, went and got it and walked around with it. I kept telling her that's her pop

We will forever talk about you dad. All of our beautiful memories, how incredible you were, how much fun we had and all the grandkids will learn all about you.

We live and love everyday for you. We all miss you deeply.

Thank you for everything dad. You're the best. I miss your laugh so much.
Rachel Lock lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
I still can't believe we have to live without you.

I love and miss you SO much.
Rachel Lock lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
Thank you for our beautiful kids. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to enjoy the next generation with all the wonderful grandchildren that just keep coming to fill my life with so much joy. Wish you were here to share it all. When they do something cute or funny, I look over to where I think you will be and acknowledge that we would have shared a moment of pure happiness.
Vicki lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
It's hurting so much. I don't know how much more pain we can bare. We all miss you more than you could ever imagine. You held us all together dad and without you we are completely broken.
Rachel Lock lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
Loving and missing you always
Rachel Lock lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
Miss you always...
Vicki lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
Exactly what Rachel said below. Not one single day has passed where I haven’t thought about you & there never will be.

My god I miss you so much it hurts.

Love you dad xo
Michelle Lock lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
You and everything about you is so so missed. Your laugh, smile, humor, voice, your all round presence, your jokes and negative yet real comments. I miss kissing your forehead and yelling out 'goodnight dad love you' and hearing your voice say 'love you too chook' back. It's so hard without you here dad. I still can't comprehend forever without seeing you again. It hurts so much. We all live on for you and know we will be with you again one day. Thank you for everything. We love and miss you SO so much. Think about you all day everyday. Xx
Rachel Lock lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
thinking of you & missing you always
Michelle Lock lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock
It has been so hard with the lead up to another birthday without you. I had this extremely short dream - I opened the front door and you were standing there looking healthy, young and tanned with a big smile on your face. You were wearing a bright yellow linen shirt and holding a large bunch of colourful flowers (and they weren't half dead like the ones you use to buy). I threw my arms up to wrap around your neck and said "Oh, Ronnie" and then I woke up...You see you will never be out of my thoughts so keep visiting me in my dreams. I treasure our memories so much.
Vicki lit a candle for Ronald (Ronnie) Lock