(26 April 1992 - 28 February 2012)
  • To Our Beautiful Angel

    Rest In Peace Beautiful Angel

    When the clouds part and a ray of sun shines through
    We look to the sky; and think of you.

    You see our tears and feel our ache
    We breathe you in with each breath we take

    There is no need to miss, what is not gone
    For you are right here, where you belong

    You are the suns warmth on our face
    Guiding us through this dark place

    You are the whisper of the wind through the night.
    That gentle sparkle in a stars light

    You are the colours of the rainbow after a summers rain
    Dazzling, vivid colour’s nothing could ever tame

    You are the elegance found after a first snow
    That small, beautiful, blinding glow

    You made your own path from the start
    And we continue to carry your footprints on our heart

    When we stop to think of all we miss
    Look around and think of this

    Something so special & rare could never fade
    & That is how we know you stayed

    Because when the clouds part and that ray of sun shines through
    We will smile, knowing that glimmer is you.

    I miss you soo much Yarnie
    I Love You soo much xoxoxoxox

    Uploaded by Alyssa Barrett
    • 10 years ago
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