Born in SINGAPORE on 18 January 1932
Passed away in SINGAPORE on 20 February 2017
On behalf of Mount Vernon Sanctuary,we offer our deepest condolences to the bereaved family of the late Rosita Josephine David.
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Dearest loving son .It is seen In the eyes of God, his angels and by the Holy spirit that dwell in everyone, the light of our soul,there is so much that you have done here for me,I will truly treasure and carry this memory in my heart. It pains for me to leave but you must know that God has welcome me to be amoungst all the others that have gone before me. It will be an everlasting and loving reunion. I shall always be by your side and closer to our Lord. Thank you for lighting the candles while Im here with you and the prayers you have offered. My love and kisses goes out to you my son, continue your good deeds and acts of kindness,I will miss you dearly. God Bless you my son, Darren.
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I pray for my dear mum Rosita, may she be by Jesus side in heaven
They say that there is life after death,I wonder who is to be at the gates of heaven, St.Peter ...perhaps !
I have always been a jolly person with a loving heart, dont cry for for me and laughter is the best medicine,I want to depart,knowing that the family and friends will bond closer in relationship.Continue with the usual traditions,dont stop as I am with you always and it pleases me to see everyone caring for one another in times of trouble too. Always be in my foot step to know how I would have treated anyone the same. Call to me by lighting a candle and I shall comfort you,when you need me.God's guardian angels are everywhere around you too,if you need a helping hand. Receive Christ , thru Holy communion,only then you shall be strong in body,mind and soul. Always spare some moments of silence in prayer, for the temple of God resides in your hearts,Seek and you shall find,Ask and you shall be given,knock and the doors to your heart shall be open,only in prayers. I hear your voices, as they flash memories, good and difficult ones,in either case..well the lasting part will be cherished in my hearts forever.So do pray for me...otherwise St.Peter will not open the gates for me. The sooner you pray for me, the better it will be,then I shall take a slow walk thru the gardens of heaven. God Bless .
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Never take the simple moments of life for granted.One day you'd give anything to have them back.Missing someone is not about how long it has been since you have seen them or the amount of time since you have talked,Its about that very moment when you are doing something and wishing that you were there for them. Just tell me you love me and your love becomes a treasure,people will forget what you said or did,but I shall never forget how you made me feel today.
The heavens are pouring tears,rejoice and be glad because its not sadness but showers of Gods blessing over you.
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There is a saying, that all roads will lead us to heaven, all faiths teaches good from bad,people take different roads seeking fufilment and happiness.Just because they're not on your road does not mean they are lost. Like the roots of a tree,upwards forms a trunk reaching out to the skies,then bearing good fruits and providing shelter for the birds and others. Likewise, the soil must be nurished, the roots must work hard into the ground to strengthen the foundation againts the afflictions of nature.Care must be given,to enjoy the fruits of the tree. A tree may fall, its not the end but a new begining of growth starts. Life is eternal as on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus says I'm the Alpha and the Omega. What good is there,the meaning of our exsistance, if we have not fully understood lives fullfillment and what God wants of us,seek from within and you shall find, the power of love is all that is needed, to heal and reach out to the world. May you find that peace from within,so as to understand and to be understood.Let your light shine for all to see.
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  • 3 years ago
Thru the intersession of Our loving Mother Mary, our prayers will be received by our Lord Jesus.
Today is a day for all whom have come, I am blessed to be in your presence.I shall speak of your good deeds and your prayers will be heard from above,till we meet again. Blessings shall shower upon all of you. Amen.
I shall speak of goodness to the Lord Almighty of your good deeds and he shall receive all thy messages and prayers
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Love you my dearest mother, be in the arms of our Lord and Mother Mary
"I am the resurrection and the life.Those who believe in me,even though they die like everyone else,will live again". Eternal rest grant onto her Oh Lord,may she rest in Peace. Come speak in the silence of your heart and not hold back your words,for I shall depart with all the memories of the relationship I had with you.I shall cherish them forever in my heart,I shall meet my saviour, I will miss you dearly, your words I shall carry to Our Father,speak freely with open hearts,mind and soul.
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