Oliver Tiainen

Born on 3 March 2010
Passed away on 3 July 2018
Aged 8 years
Oliver Juhani Tiainen passed away in his mothers loving arms surrounded by loved ones at home. He is an adventurer, a scholar, and a wise soul.... Read more
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Jodi Vass posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
  • Natalie Tsokas:
    • 2 years ago via mobile
Dearest Oli, here on earth we are starting a New Year, the first one without you dear grandson, even though I feel your presence every where I am and in every thing I do, I know you are in Haven playing with angels but still looking at your family here on earth. Be free, we love you and want you to be happy in Haven, when our time comes we will have awesome times all together again.
Only eight years on earth dear Oli, but the times we spent together left us with profound and loving memories to cherish for a lifetime. Oli, you will be always loved, always remembered.
Eternal be your memory
mi posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
  • Natalie Tsokas:
    • 2 years ago via mobile
Oli we love you so much the whole world misses you. Everyone at church prayed for you for your 6 month
memorial. There was a blue butterfly on my umbrella. At home there was your butterfly in the forest. I was so super wooper excited and still am. Thank you Oli for everything that you are doing for us. Rest in peace. Love, Ava
My Olis little sister
Natalie Tsokas posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
My dear little prince Oli, Merry Christmas from Nona. I love you always and forever. You're in my thoughts and my heart .
Sofia Katsaros posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
Dear Oliver
We will always remember you and we truely miss your presence in our lives especially on special occasions when your spirit filled every moment with wonder joy and kindness. May that spirit live on in all our lives and may the energy you filled this world with fill the hearts and minds of those who it it most. Thank you for filling our lives with amazing memories that we will forever cherish and we miss and love you always
Love from the Meighan Family
Liz posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
Merry Christmas Oli. I miss you waking at the crack of dawn ...or the middle of the night and saying "its Christmas" and running to the tree to open all our presents. Your lovely and full of life. The joy you gave on Christmas and birthdays is missed. Always the first one up and with your mind set to celebrate on special days like 'Staurady!" We love you Oliver. Merry Christmas!
Natalie Tsokas posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
Rest in peace
Natalie Tsokas posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
Oilver my Son, you are my sun, moon stars and sky. I miss and love you so much. You are the best Music teacher. You have taught us all to be better in everyway. Thank You Oli. You are a very special boy. Your Soul and Spirit continues to touch and inspire many. I know your just beginning a powerful new journey. I pray to God everyday that you are surrounded by all our love and blessed by God in everyway. You are Loved, Missed and Remembered Always. Eternal be Your Memory.
Natalie Tsokas signed the Guest Book
Natalie, I just read your tribute to Oliver in the Tamborine Times of 29 November 2018. I didn't know that he was now in a beautiful place. I remember him and his beautiful eyes and you too when we had coffee together in the coffee shops on the mountain. I hope the passing of time and your fond memories heal your loss. My condolences to you and your family. He was the most beautiful, amazing and brave young man as you said. Love to you all, Danny Byrne, Mt Tamborine
Danny Byrne posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
  • Natalie Tsokas:
    • 2 years ago via mobile
I remember your face as though it was just yesterday that I saw you. I can here your voice so clearly and yet I haven't seen you for some time. It feels though I haven't lost a friend but that you are waiting for me to come and see you. I feel as though you haven't left us at all. I feel that you are all around us.
Tony Santiuste posted a message for Oliver Tiainen
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