Nelle Anita Austin

Born on 21 November 1926
Passed away in Porirua on 6 January 2019
Aged 92 years
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I arrived home tonight from several weeks down south on the West Coast. Thank you for the message in my mail box Warrick and I am sad that I missed Nelle’s farewell. I had the great privilege to be Nelle and Peter’s GP for many years and I found them both inspirational and always entertaining as patients. Nelle was a very vital and intelligent person and had many and varied interests. I would like to take this opportunity to salute her life-well lived. Logan McLennan
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My thoughts have been with the Austin family these past few days.Nelle and Peter were able to share that most precious gift of all,-- being able to grow old together. Reflecting back50+years to school holidays
spent at Silverstream.and visits Erin and I made to the family home in Plimmerton.,Always the most generous of welcomes.How fortunate was I to have such caring godparents.
Stephen .Yarroweyah.Victoria.
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Dear Nelle, I clearly remember you and your family from my early years in the Hutt Valley when my family attended St Margaret’s church and after we moved away, your visits to the UK cemented our families’ friendships. Since I arrived back in NZ in 1978, I considered you and Peter my NZ Mum and Dad. It was you who first picked me up at Wellington airport and gave me such a wonderful welcome and continued to open your hearts and home to me and mine. I have lost count of the number of times I have visited you in Heretaunga, Paremata, Whitby and Papakowhai. It was you whom I phoned regularly to update you on my various crises and joys and you always listened with love, patience and compassion. It was you whom my mother phoned after my brother Stephen died and she couldn’t get hold of me and you had the terrible job of locating me on my weekend away in Taranaki and passing on the sad news. You were so kind and caring then and continued to be so. Thank you so much for all your support and love over the years. You and Peter will always hold a special place in my heart. Rest in peace lovely lady.
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What a beautiful person inside and out Nelle was. As my auntie she made me feel very safe and understood in the hectic Austin households, mine and hers. As an adult she took great interest in my life with Richard and those of our children. Uncle Peter was a bundle of positive energy and Nelle was like a graceful swan creating tranquility around him and their children. I appreciated her communication skills both interpersonal and written and her intelligence historical family stories are a delight and an important legacy for the Austin and Bowater families. She was ahead of her time with her university degree and subsequent working once the family had grown up. What an inspiration Nelle is to be unconditionally loving and offering herself to serve others. We will always remember her essence, Rosie and Richard
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  • Rosie Bentley: Our parents will be together again.
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Best Aunt Ever!
Love you and will always hold the fondest memories. Say Hi to Uncle Pete for me.
Geoff Arkley
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My sincere condolences to all the family upon the death of Aunty Nelle. What a beautiful gracious lady she was. I have loved every moment spent in her company even though those moments were far between. She was always so interested in everything and everyone around her and had a way of making me feel important to her in those moments. Her death marks the end of an era and she has left a wonderful legacy in her family. God bless you all and give you peace. Chris Austin
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What a gracious person she was, always kind to me and so very interested in the world, in others and our families. She was a matriarch in your family, and parent to a dynasty - rather as my parents were, which James movingly pointed out in his poem which he read at Dad's funeral.
Nelle died on 6th Jan, for me that's the feast of the Epiphany - which I'm this year understanding afresh as a fabulous set of stories which are all about transformation. Words from TS Eliot's Journey of the Magi say 'no longer at ease in the old dispensation' - which - along with the words of one of the loveliest of Epiphany hymns, 'mornings of joy give for evenings of tearfulness ' both seem apt for you all as you adjust to the new landscape that you find yourselves in.
With much love
Candy Stokes
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Whilst Aunty Nelle's death was not unexpected it is none-the-less a moment of sadness and cause for reflection for all of those whose lives have come under her spell. I personally have wonderful memories of her dating back over more than seventy years. I suppose we retain a fondness for all our aunts and uncles, to a greater or lesser degree, but Aunty Nelle was someone extra special, for whom I always reserved a special place in my heart and affections. The generosity she, and your Dad, showed to me and to Ruth over the years and the loving interest she maintained in our family and my career will never be forgotten. Our lives have been immeasurably enhanced by her influence. I feel sure that there will be a large number wanting to be there to pay tribute to her memory and whilst there will be an element of sadness there will be a lightness of spirit as folk reflect upon a life lived graciously, lovingly and generously. Anson and Ruth Austin
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We have lots of lovely memories of Nelle's and Peter's travels in the UK when our children were small - and they were here when James was born too. It's now a long time since we saw her, but we felt close to her through her very special letters. These were always thoughtful and empathic - somehow she always managed to remember what everyone was doing, and what issues they were facing. Katherine, thank you for the lovely email from your mum's bedside before Christmas - it was good to have that last contact with her. Nicky and Simon Kelso
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