Born on 18 November 1952
Passed away in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Australia on 8 March 2019
Aged 66 years


Michelle on the set Journey Among Women 1976 Michele like the lotus flower your beauty purity and strength will remain with us goodbye dear friend  Trish ❤️ At the French Festival in Adelaide
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"Hope you are continuing to fight the good fight. Yes, let’s both hope for some better days this year xxx "
These were Michele's last written words to me. I'll miss her and her giggle and laugh and her stride. I can't be at the funeral but will be wearing red and lighting some candles.
Hey Michele - Pretty clever managing to go ahead to the other shore on International Women's Day.
Bye Michele - Charlie A xxx xxx xxx
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Lovely Michele
We have been connected since the days of your Arts Officer role in Port Lincoln SA Country Arts back in the early 2000’s
We shared many wonderful happy moments humour arts meals and more, at work, ‘Evergreen’ and your home at the time in Rustlers Gully!
I feel so saddened by your passing and would dearly love to send that one most lasting message again:
“Always here holding your hand”
Your beautiful brave intelligent spirit will continue to run free!
Trish Blann gave a flower for Michele JOHNSON
Michele, beautiful friend,

There are so many memories that will live deep within my heart; the sound of your laughter (I can still hear it), the many home-cooked meals we shared, your sense of humour and your eye for op-shop fashion finds, just to name a few.

One of my most vivid memories was from 2006, when I was studying year 12. You knew I was highly stressed and so you invited me over for dinner.

I remember walking into your house, the soundtrack to ‘Pulp-Fiction’ playing in the background and the smells of puff pastry filled the air (you were making spinach and feta pie). Your tall-woman silhouette walked towards me and you wrapped your arms around me to let me cry a river of tears, and to protect me from the stresses of reality that seemed to be; you made everything better.

Michele, how I wish I could have wrapped my long arms around you, to protect you in your time of need.

You will be forever missed but we are so blessed to have known you. These memories we will cherish for always.

See you again one day,

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Michele like the lotus flower your beauty purity and strength will remain with us goodbye dear friend Trish ❤️
Well Michele what can be said? Your search for truth, fight for justice and for those struggling to be heard is Legendary .
The world could always count on you to step up, inspire bravery within and help others find that voice, to kick some butt.
And if that didn’t fly, stuff it there was always time for a laugh, that was the real gold and your true gift.
Thanks for being a great friend, challenging me in so many ways, showing me how to speak up and to be true to myself.
I’m going to miss you, your wicked humour, courage, integrity, strength of character, your hearty laugh and your take no prisoners attitude……one of a kind! you gorgeous woman
Rest in Peace X Jaks
Jacky Spencer lit a candle for Michele JOHNSON
I met Michele through her involvement with the Greens in SA and in addition to our politics we shared a mutual appreciation for Breaking Bad (although she wasn't so keen on Better Call Saul). Vale Michele you will be sadly missed.
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At the French Festival in Adelaide
I will miss Michele in so many ways. I will miss her honesty and sincerity and her love of life. She taught me so many things about courage and strength and her hilarious sense of humour always made me feel so much better about life and its experiences. I will miss you so much Michele but I know your warrior spirit lives on not only with me but with so many people's lives you were apart of. You are and always will be a unique angel of truth and I wish there were more people like you in the world. Thankyou for being true and always yourself. It is an honour to of known such a beautiful person like you Michele. Love always and to infinity and beyond. Damasque xoxoxx
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I met Michele through our mutual friend Mary Christie when Michele lived in Sydney in the early 80s. We were neighbours in Kings Cross for a time. We reconnected through social media in more recent times. Michele as I knew her in her late 20s was very much the Michele I could hear in her Facebook posts, which were frequent, and always welcome: amusing, laugh out loud funny, provocative, informative, thoughtful. I describe her to people who did not know her as "my fierce feisty beautiful friend". She could be combative; also sensitive. She was caring, and outrageous. She was rock'n'roll. She was art. She was performance. She was politics. She introduced Presbyterian me to same-sex and shall we say less conventional sexual mores (I remained a bystander - dancing together at Kinsella's was as out there as I got). Michele permitted me to give her a colour cosmetics makeover even though my hands were careless, I used frosted pink lipstick, and her beauty didn't need any help from me. She was a straightshooter who told it like it was. She was as generous as anyone I've ever known. Witty, acute, astute. Every human being is a universe, and every death is a cosmos lost. Michele was a star. Her loss leaves this world a darker place.
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For Friends of Michele:
Michele Johnson passed on Friday 8 March after battling cancer. Her friends and family have done all they can to notify all friends and family and a message will go out in Tuesdays newspaper. Unfortunately we’ve been unable as yet to put up a legacy page for Michele. This legacy page has been started for Michele through White Lady Funeral please stay posted her for the link. We hope you will post any thoughts or messages here.

Funeral details are listed above. The chapel has seating for 50 guests. This will be an open public funeral.
Michele asked to be buried in a RED DRESS & HEELS and she will have the 'perfect shade' of red lipstick.
We, her friends (as desired), WILL BE WEARING RED, Please if you would like to dress in red or a touch of red for Michele, we think she would have loved it. Please share this message with those who knew Michele.

Thoughts of Michele
Michele at the end, as in life was gracious, beautiful as ever. She dressed elegantly whether she was spending or budgeting, she was all about quality. She was ever colourful, vibrant and vivacious. To say she was spirited isn’t enough to sum it up.
She had her struggles when she was younger and when she was a young lady but she chose not to stay her, she fought her way through her battles, her ups and her downs and was private around this. She would always offer a hand up but not a hand out.

Throughout her life she strived to be more, to give, to learn, to share and to do all she could for her community and the planet. She was a warrior, devout feminist, advocate animal activist, environmentalist, and fought for First Nations Indigenous rights. She was free thinking, fiercely intelligent, independent and passionate. She cared about the plight of refugees and about war veterans. Michele was political and engaged, one of her last conversations with me was her approval for Ita Buttrose taking over the ABC and that she thought she should be a good candidate for Prime Minister as she’s a tough, strong, intelligent woman.

Michele trained as a lawyer and a barrister but one of her greatest services was as a carer to her brother, she’ll be sorely missed. She was a wordsmith and a great reader and educator. She studied law and “”other stuff “ (in her own words). Many of you from her university days remember her well and she kept contact. She loved the Arts, music, nature and simple passions of creating gardens and beautiful, colourful spaces. She was confident and free. She spoke her mind. Always she tried to raise people up, to inspire them to be more confident and more assertive - plus I think sometimes she just loved telling people what to do and how best to do it.
Michele was peace loving and wanted equality for all. She was strong minded and in many ways probably set in her ways but at all times doing her best.

She had great loves and great bravery. She was a wicked fun-maker, loved romance, love, clothes and makeup. She spent countless hours at the beach, many with beloved Cruiser, Kym and Michele’s dog. She loved deeply and had many friends stretching far and wide throughout Australia, Central Australia, Ceduna and to America, Canada and beyond.

It was the simple things we remember going down to the beach (always with Cruiser) and taking a swim and having that friendship and those conversations and gratitude for these moments.

How you can help
She touched many lives, she will be remembered here and in many hearts, homes, at the beach and in public spaces. Michele’s memory will also be carried on by the naming of the next two new dolphin calves to be born in Port Adelaide, who will be named Michele and Johnson. To this end I suggest and it is only my suggestion that if people wish to make a donation in lieu of flowers then it be to Michele’s beloved cause of protecting the Port River Dolphins.

Michele was active in so many areas of community her many causes keep her legacy going. Close to home though Michele had a community garden, as the only person that largely took care of it, it needs hardy plants to survive but we will try to keep it going and to get a plaque for Michele if this can be organised.
Please contact me or write here on this page if you’d like to be involved in any way or support funeral or other arrangements.
Finally Thank you’s…
Thanks to her nieces Sid and Kita who were able to step up to help make arrangements for her.
Thanks again to all her friends who have been such a credit to Michele I know she’d be feeling the love and loving it.
Thanks to Susi and all staff at Wesley Aged Care, who took exceptional care of her in her last days. Your caring for her (and for me) was such a blessing. Thank you to Carl, Nhilan and staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital you’ve been compassionate, considered and effective in your assistance and of course thanks to Belinda and everyone at White Lady Funerals. You’ve managed to support Michele with grace and great care to really try to reflect and support who she was and to support the family and me.
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  • Elly McDonald: Thank you so much, Sarn.

    The dolphin study that has now named a mother Michele and a calf Johnson is Adelaide Dolphin Study. They can be Messaged via Facebook
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