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(18 November 1952 - 8 March 2019)
I met Michele many years ago on the far west coast of South Australia – initially when she was completing the work placement for her law degree and then when she came back after finishing her d...
Susan Jones added a tribute/eulogy
Adelaide, Australia
Sisters in haiku
Hello friends and family of our dear Michele ( or as I called her, One L) I'm Nic, the chick in Ballarat that One L spent Christmas with a couple of years ago. We met on the Tony Abbott Haiku...
Nic Byrne added a tribute/eulogy
Bendigo, Australia
A Journey Over Too Soon
I first met Michele on the set of the quasi-feminist low budget feature film Journey Among Women. She was 23 and I was 13. It was the 1970s and we were both doing our best to be convict women...
Rozanna Lilley added a tribute/eulogy
Mascot, Australia
I worked and played with Michele in Melbourne in the 1970's. She was a fearless feminist and a cultural adventurer and threw herself into life and projects at the Pram Factory Theatre in...
Laurel Frank added a tribute/eulogy
Hawthorn, Australia
A brave, generous and funny friend
Chele was an online friend from my very first days on Facebook way way back. Even from the other side of the world her outsize personality, warmth and anger at injustice and meanness of spirit...
Martin Alcock added a tribute/eulogy
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