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(18 November 1952 - 8 March 2019)

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  • Michele , my loss of you is greater than you knew. Thank you for being a friend for over 30 years! If only I was abke to tell you now how much I cared.
    Anthony Brodsky signed the Guest Book
  • Michele, fierce compassionate sister in the struggle.It seems right that you left us on International Women's Day. Thanks for your wit, courage and loving kindness. So grateful we could share this last journey despite geography. Still can't believe you have left us.
    Krissa Wilkinson signed the Guest Book
  • I haven’t seen Michele in person since the Pram Factory days in the late 70s. Michele was vibrant and lively, positive and warm and always very funny. We became friends again in more recent years on social media and it was fantastic to have her witty presence in my life again. I already miss her wild raves and her great generosity of spirit. I do hope she is looking down on us and having a laugh!
    Jan Cornall signed the Guest Book
  • You would never shrink to the world around you and you inspired all of us to be more, more of ourselves. You valued me and saw me at it times where I forgot myself or no longer was seeing a true picture. Namaste, Michele.
    Mrs Sandra Montgomerie signed the Guest Book
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