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Born on 18 November 1952
Passed away in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Australia on 8 March 2019
Aged 66 years


Michelle on the set Journey Among Women 1976 Michele like the lotus flower your beauty purity and strength will remain with us goodbye dear friend  Trish ❤️ At the French Festival in Adelaide
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Thank you to everyone that attended Michele's funeral, in spirit or in person. Thank you to everyone that sent photos, messages, eulogies, love and well wishes.

Big thanks to the friend who bought in the photos I would dearly love to be able to contact you and work out what happens with these now. Sorry I didn't catch your name. If I could go back and slow that morning down it is such a shame these beautiful photos didn't go up. Id love to know who the photographer was too. Thank you to Gary also who spoke beautiful sentiments and bought messages from people who couldn't attend (?) I didn't get to speak to you sadly. Hopefully at some point these can group on this site.
Thank you to Hayley and Susan for the quiches and pastries and variety of foods and to the other friend who bought sandwiches (sorry having a mental blank.) It was lovely to meet everyone even under these circumstances. It seems a lot of people felt it to be a good celebration of her life. I hope this gives some peace.

We will have a catch up for anyone that would like and is able to and details will be posted here. We have planned catch ups at Michele's fave places Kalyna and Bobs Art Studio and also at Semaphore Hula House, everyone is welcome of course.

Take Care all,
Sandra (and on behalf of Kym too).
Mrs Sandra Montgomerie lit a candle for Michele JOHNSON
  • Elly McDonald: Thank you, Sarn. I am so sad I could not be there. It sounds like a lovely, intimate farewell, as we hoped. I'm glad for the red - the Chinese colour for joy.
    • 11 months ago via mobile
Michele - you offered me unconditional support and warm advice, during a time when you were up against the odds yourself. This will never be forgotten. I miss our talks immensely but the value of these lives on. I’m eternally grateful. Big Love from London - you’ll always be in my thoughts and heart xxx
Sarah Jacobsen lit a candle for Michele JOHNSON
- Wishes from Stuart and teachers at Largs Bay Health and Yoga. Namaste Michele

- Wishes from Jesus of the day - 280 at last count

- Wishes from the chemist, for Michele that was such a lovely lady

- Wishes from Yvonne and Rob, your neighbours who at first weren't sure what they were in for lol, then after heart if ever they needed to count on someone it was you, ever reliable, conscientious Michele, "such a lovely lady.:
Mrs Sandra Montgomerie lit a candle for Michele JOHNSON
Well Michele what can be said? Your search for truth, fight for justice and for those struggling to be heard is Legendary .
The world could always count on you to step up, inspire bravery within and help others find that voice, to kick some butt.
And if that didn’t fly, stuff it there was always time for a laugh, that was the real gold and your true gift.
Thanks for being a great friend, challenging me in so many ways, showing me how to speak up and to be true to myself.
I’m going to miss you, your wicked humour, courage, integrity, strength of character, your hearty laugh and your take no prisoners attitude……one of a kind! you gorgeous woman
Rest in Peace X Jaks
Jacky Spencer lit a candle for Michele JOHNSON
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