Born on 18 November 1952
Passed away in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Australia on 8 March 2019
Aged 66 years


Michelle on the set Journey Among Women 1976 Michele like the lotus flower your beauty purity and strength will remain with us goodbye dear friend  Trish ❤️ At the French Festival in Adelaide
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  • 1 year ago
  • Jeni Thornley: I met Michelle on the set of the film Journey Among Women (1976). She acted as one of the convict women and I was camera assistant. She was lively, funny, warm and irreverent. We kept a facebook link and I was in awe of her bravery and honesty. RIP M.
    • 1 year ago
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Michelle on the set Journey Among Women 1976
AMWRRO has been chosen as the nominated charity in memory of Michele JOHNSON
Michele , my loss of you is greater than you knew. Thank you for being a friend for over 30 years! If only I was abke to tell you now how much I cared.
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Thank you to everyone that attended Michele's funeral, in spirit or in person. Thank you to everyone that sent photos, messages, eulogies, love and well wishes.

Big thanks to the friend who bought in the photos I would dearly love to be able to contact you and work out what happens with these now. Sorry I didn't catch your name. If I could go back and slow that morning down it is such a shame these beautiful photos didn't go up. Id love to know who the photographer was too. Thank you to Gary also who spoke beautiful sentiments and bought messages from people who couldn't attend (?) I didn't get to speak to you sadly. Hopefully at some point these can group on this site.
Thank you to Hayley and Susan for the quiches and pastries and variety of foods and to the other friend who bought sandwiches (sorry having a mental blank.) It was lovely to meet everyone even under these circumstances. It seems a lot of people felt it to be a good celebration of her life. I hope this gives some peace.

We will have a catch up for anyone that would like and is able to and details will be posted here. We have planned catch ups at Michele's fave places Kalyna and Bobs Art Studio and also at Semaphore Hula House, everyone is welcome of course.

Take Care all,
Sandra (and on behalf of Kym too).
Mrs Sandra Montgomerie lit a candle for Michele JOHNSON
  • Elly McDonald: Thank you, Sarn. I am so sad I could not be there. It sounds like a lovely, intimate farewell, as we hoped. I'm glad for the red - the Chinese colour for joy.
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I love this photo
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Michele, fierce compassionate sister in the struggle.It seems right that you left us on International Women's Day. Thanks for your wit, courage and loving kindness. So grateful we could share this last journey despite geography. Still can't believe you have left us.
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I haven’t seen Michele in person since the Pram Factory days in the late 70s. Michele was vibrant and lively, positive and warm and always very funny. We became friends again in more recent years on social media and it was fantastic to have her witty presence in my life again. I already miss her wild raves and her great generosity of spirit. I do hope she is looking down on us and having a laugh!
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