Mavis Young

Born in Australia on 20 July 1919
Passed away on 25 October 2015
Aged 96 years


1942 - Marcus & Mavis Wedding 1939-1940 - Mavis Jones dating Marcus Young 1934 - Mavis Young aged 15 2009 - Mavis Young with 'Senbei' 1989 - Mavis Young's 70th Birthday 1980 - Mavis & Marcus Young 1985 - Mavis Young with Grandchildren 1985 - Mavis & Ian Young in Port Moresby
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Dear Grandma,
I want to say thank you. I never did thank you for being such a great and important important role model to me. Your compassion for all walks of life and good morals have been highly influential on me and I've never wanted to disappoint you. I think about you everyday and I miss you dearly. You used to tell me when you're gone you want me to remember the good times and want me to be happy. I'm sad you're gone but I am happy that you've given me so many memories to cherish. I am extremely grateful to have had you in my life and I love you so much. The love you showed me is treasured and locked in my heart. You will be with me forever. Even though you're gone now, you're still helping me be happy. Thank you, my beautiful and lovely Grandma xoxox
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Our deepest sympathies for your loss
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