Linda Patricia Knight

Born on 25 May 1961
Passed away in Ipswich on 7 April 2017
Aged 55 years


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Some days are easier than others. and some days its really hard not to be angry and sad. Today feels like one of the tougher ones. It doesn't feel right moving forward with our lives without you to be there with us and to share our new memories. I know change was always inevitable, but its hard to feel ready for new chapters that you should have been part of. Your son is the most wonderful person I know, and I wish we could tell you of all our adventures these past few years. He is amazing and I just know how proud you would be of him. We both miss and love you so much Xxx
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Hi Mum,

Missing you a lot today. I keep thinking of how excited you would be getting for the wedding, maybe getting your hat ready. I'm going to miss you that day. I still feel anger that you've been taken away from us too early. I try to remind myself that I was one of the lucky ones to have have had such a fantastic mum. I think it's going to take some more time for that anger to go, I hope it does because you only deserve my happy feelings where I'm remembering the good times.

I can imagine you're looking down on us with that wonderful, caring smile. I will remember that on our wedding day.

I miss you xxx
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Dear Sister,
I miss you so much I've never felt pain like this before, I try to think of all the good times we’ve had together but today is another day where the pain just doesn't go away.
Wished I could have swapped places with you because you were so special so kind and I will admire you forever.
This is just another desperate way in trying to let you know "how much I miss you"
Sometimes I sit on my Garden Arbour during the day or night and wonder if you can hear me talking to you.
I’m sure knowing your wit, If you could speak to me the first thing you would say is “stop sending those stupid Chinese Lanterns up in the sky with silly messages on, Your GONNA set light to something"!
I hope that Dad is with you and free from his pain. I'm positive we will all be together again. You can tell him from me that he was "a grumpy ole git right to the end" He was a strong decent hard working Man that had some Victorian ways but I'm missing him already.
All my love Sis XXXXXXXX
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This will be the first Christmas without my darling Linda. She shone so brightly in my life i miss her so much and more so than ever at this moment in the year.The pain i feel is without words,I wish everyone who visits Linda's Memorial a peaceful Christmas and a thoughtful new
Rest in peace my darlingxxxxxxxxxx.
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MISS YOU xxxxxx
Robbie Knight lit a candle for Linda Patricia Knight
  • 2 years ago
I apologize for being a little late with my message. Linda Knight was there for me during the darkest times, she helped me with my problems and helped me remember that with every dark time there is light. I miss her dearly and I am sad that she never got to see me when I was at my happiest. I never knew of her suffering but the memory with which I have walked away from her was of her being an angel on earth. She has joined her own kind up in heaven. Missing you Mrs Knight xxx
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listening to james brown on the way to work this morning imagining you laughing and dancing round the living room. i think of you every single day and am reminded of you in everything that i do. I miss you more than can be put into words. i love you always mummy xxxx
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I hope that I see the world as you did cause I know a life with love is a life that's been lived- Ed Sheeran aka, Ed Sheran, Ed Sheringham, Ted Sheeran and others. Miss you so much mum xxx
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  • Reece : Thank you everyone! This means a lot. They did such a good job and allowed us to have more time with mum in her final days. It's nice knowing that they can continue doing this for others with your help x
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