Kate Ann Stons

Born in Australia on 16 February 1995
Passed away on 1 October 2012
Aged 17 years
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Laying in bed just thinking about that weekend we built our cubby down the back,all the effort we put into it an its still standing and them late nights every Friday were we would lay in bed and talk about every thing and give back tickles and playing spot light in the paddock and think it was just us to out there but mum is out there waiting to scare the crap out of up hahha best days every I would do anything just to have them day back and do them again just to able to hug you and tell you how much, I love you and how much I looked up to you being a big sister to me!
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visited the site today, with mum and dad and uncle ronnie, we left you some lovely flowers to brighten your day, it was quiet and peaceful there, lovely place to reflect on you and your wonderful short life you had with us, we will allways love and miss you dearly, nanna xxxxx xxxxx from grumpy
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