Joy Gault

Born in Australia on 11 July 1960
Passed away on 1 March 2019
Aged 58 years


Big smile, bigger heart
Please choose a Candle
Jasmin, Cass, Mitchell and Steve, our thoughts and love are with you in this time of sorrow. Joy was a beautiful giving person who through many hardships triumph to provide a loving home for family and friends.
May you feel her presence in every thought and action to comfort you in the days and years to come.

Love Rich and Lila
Richard Gault lit a candle for Joy Gault
I light this candle so we will always see a way to your soul, which will live forever in our hearts and minds.

Firstly, I want to thank you Joy…for becoming part of our lives. Knowing you was a gift. You brought the love, “joy”, happiness and completeness to my brother Steven and I feel he did the same for you. I’m so grateful that you met back in 1998. And he knew that you were his soul mate soon after…
God has taken you from us all that loved you dearly. But has left such a void and heartache for Steven, Cassie, Jasmin & Mitchell! I, and all those that knew you and would have no doubt loved you, feel their pain. Our hearts are breaking for them. It doesn’t matter how old the kids are or if you think everyone will be okay if I’m gone…you’re gone and that’s the pain they are now enduring. But we will always be here for Steven, Cassie, Jasmin and Mitchell...Thus the candle to light the way.
You will forever live on in our memories. Memories that I hope each one of us never forget and always talk about. Lest we forget, that talking about the ones we have lost is one of the best ways to cope. It will be hard at first but in time it does get easier.
I say, “in time” a lot…as I’ve and maybe all of us have lost so many loved ones. It does get easier and I know "in time" we’ll smile when we talk about our memories.
And we have to keep you a part of our lives, to cope, to go forward but of most importance for the grandchildren, the circle of life…your beautiful grandbabies will need to hear constantly how great this woman JOY, was….Mother, wife, grandmother, friend!
I want to thank God for all of us to be able to know you, you were an angel here on earth as you are now in our hearts, souls and minds.
Your body suffers no more my dear sister...friend!
Linda Gault-Tetz lit a candle for Joy Gault