(17 October 1929 - 8 March 2018)
Geoffry Morgan Pike is an English-born, naturalized Australian writer and cartoonist.
Geoffry Morgan Pike was born on 17th October 1929 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England. to Sarah Mildred (Mim) Ward, age 28, and Robert Walter Pike, age 35. He had two brothers, Peter Robert Pike and Anthony (Tony) Pike.


1929 - Born in Tottenham Middlesex
1932 - 1940 - He took an all-consuming interest in art and writing from the age of 3. His early years were spent in the German blitzkrieg of London and as an evacuee in the rural county of Essex. His letter to President Roosevelt thanking him for ‘ ‘Bundles for Britain‘, was chosen from all 12 year-olds across Britain.

1941 - He won numerous awards for designing and headlining morale-building posters for Britain's war effort.

1944 - At age 14 he entered training on the Navy ship 'Indefatigable'.

1945 – Went to sea aged 15 as a deck-boy on the British Trooper ‘Arundel Castle’.

1947 – After being blinded by sunstroke in the Persian Gulf, he jumped ship to Sydney.
Geoff emigrated to Australia where he worked in the outback breaking horses, felling trees and sailing aboard deep-sea trawlers.

1950 – In Australia, he began selling his cartoons and short stories to country newspapers.
He signed on as an artistic director on many popular cartoons such as Beetle Bailey and Krazy Kat with American Paramount Studios. Unbearable Bear in T.V. Tours, an animated cartoon series for Artransa Park Television, featured a globe-trotting koala with itchy feet.

1954 - After several more years at sea in the Caribbean, he joined the British army at the outbreak of war with Korea to become a Regimental Drill Sergeant, returning to Australia as an immigrant. Working his way through art-school, he became an illustrator and newspaper cartoonist.

1973 - He began fulltime writing. Winning the A & R Writers's Fellowship with a debut novel-trilogy, based on his early adventures.

1974 - He published the first of many books, Henry Golightly: a novel of the sea. Published by Angus and Robertson, it was the story of a Gweilo (caucasian foreigner) living in Macau and building a boat amongst the locals; a youthful search for adventure and love among the post-war wreckage of 1945 and the horror that was Hiroshima.

1976 - He published the sequel Golightly Adrift. Henry Golightly, the young English sailor, is lured to sea on a small, rust-riddled coal burner, by tales of love and riches in distant ports. But things turn out rather differently.

1977 - Pike was diagnosed with throat cancer and learned the art of Chi Kung (also known as Quigong) and traditional Oriental medicine rather than surgery, beating cancer and becoming a master of Chi Kung and creating books and videos teaching others the philosophy and practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness for mental, spiritual and corporeal health.

1978 - Geoff published Golightly Outback, the third book in the Golightly trilogy. Comic story about a British seaman, Henry Golightly. Into this post-war paradise sails British Able Bodied Seaman Henry Golightly, fresh from the Carribean looking for love. Not the kind of love sailors are expected to pay for with their beer and tobacco, the kind that he has dreamed of under a thousand starry skies at sea. Wealthy young debutante Amanda Mayberry is that dream. It's love at first sight, until Big Quids Mayberry with one eye on a knighthood and the other on his only daughter steps in with a condition: before Henry is allowed to put his feet under the Mayberry table there's a proving ground - the parched and pitiless wastes of Dead Goanna station, under the iron will of Bread'n'fat Jones..

1997 - Geoff created the world of Yowie, He drew the characters, wrote the books and worked hard on his project which featured Australian Animals and the Australian environment. He wanted something similar to Kinder Surprise but featuring information about Common, Endangered and Extinct animals, their environment and ecology. He had difficulty launching his project and partnered with author Bryce Courtenay, his friend and former colleague at McCann Erickson International Advertising agency. Most notably they worked on the Louie the Fly advertisement which featured Geoff's drawings and animation plus Bryce's jingle. With Bryce's name on Geoff's Yowie Power concept, books and educational materials they were able to establish a partnership with Cadbury who then made Geoff's dream project come to life. Yowie Power and Yowie Chocolates soon became very popular with many people collecting plastic Australian animals. Teachers could download lesson plans on ecology, environments and more. They then expanded to international animals. Yowie Power and Cadbury dissolved their partnership after many years and the Yowie Power franchise is now run by Yowie Group, who have launched in the USA and recently in Australia once more.

2009 - He published his latest works under the name Pai Kit Fai which was given to him by a family matriarch. 'The Concubine’s Daughter' and 'Red Lotus - A rare beauty. A fierce heart. A destiny she must resist.'

2018 - He passed away on March 8th, 2018 due to pneumonia and other health issues. He is sorely missed.



Red Lotus (2010 – pseudonym – Pai Kit Fai)
The Concubine’s Daughter (2009 – pseudonym – Pai Kit Fai)
Tiger dawn (1997)
The Second Sunrise (1995)
Golightly Outback (1978)
Golightly Adrift (1976)
Henry Golightly: a novel of the sea (1974)

Non Fiction:

Ch’i: The Power Within. (1985)
Ch’i:The Power is You (1985)
Youth and Beauty Secrets of the Orient (1982)
The Power of Ch’i (1980)
Animated scripts:

Princess Serena and the Magic Crystal
Unbearable Bear in T.V. Tours, 13 episodes

Children’s books, 1964:
Around the world with Unbearable Bear series
(adapted by Laurie Sharpe):

Unbearable Bear in Boy Meets Bear[2]
Unbearable Bear in London[3]
Unbearable Bear in Ireland[4]
Unbearable bear in Scotland[5]

Children’s books, 1995–2001:

Rumble the redgum Yowie
Crag the mangrove Yowie
Boof the bottlebrush Yowie
Ditty the lillipilli Yowie
Squish the fiddlewood Yowie
Nap the honeygum Yowie