Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan

Born on 10 June 1962
Passed away on 17 July 2015
Aged 53 years
On July 17, 2015, suddenly in Christchurch. Dearly loved husband of Sarah, dearly loved dad of Emma, Liam, and Flynn.

Dearly loved son of Helen and the late Denis, loved brother of Tim.


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Had a dream last night that we met again and talked. It was so real that when I woke up, I was convinced we had really talked. I hope you are resting in peace. Your students will always remember you.
David Baqaee lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
As should now be obvious to anybody who has read the student testimonials on this page, Seamus was a remarkable lecturer. He taught me – and many other lucky students – the art of thinking like an economist. He had an unparalleled ability to explain concepts, and motivate students to learn them. But it wasn't just his abilities that made him a stand-out among lecturers. It was his unreserved availability to help any willing student. More than once he saved me from a burning building of a project. Scorched I was, but sufficiently rescued to compete another day.
Last year, when news broke that Seamus was leaving, Canterbury students were up in arms. They were upset that one of Canterbury’s finest was leaving. And while he did leave, he also left something precious behind. A legacy. A legacy that is carried on by the countless students whose lives continue to be impacted by him today.
As a student he gave me the confidence to state what I think, to question what I am presented with, and to seek truth in unlikely places. Many of the student testimonials describe Seamus as a 'teacher', a 'mentor', a 'friend', and 'counsellor.” He was all those things. But he was also something more. A legend. And as such, he will never truly be gone.
Akmal Fazleen lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
I first met Seamus when I came to UC as a visitor, and I was immediately blown away by his brilliant mind and sly wit. I soon learned how generous he was as a colleague and friend, both with his time and his tremendous abilities. Then he came to my university and I first got to see him present his work -- and was blown away again, this time by his style, how he could keep us all enthralled as he explained to a US audience the intricacies of cricket and the economic issues they present. Then I got to visit with his family and see what an incredible family man he was. You are sorely missed, Seamus, even by those like me who didn't get to see you often. I can only imagine how difficult this is for those of you lucky enough to have had closer contact. My heart goes out to all of you, especially his dear family.
Karen Conway lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
It only took a moment of being in the company of the Hogan family to see Seamus' great dedication and admiration for his family. Dear Liam, Flynn, Emma, Sarah: we thought of Seamus as an amazing dad and husband - he gave his all to you and received so much joy in return. He helped build your strong and loyal family. Seamus will be missed by many, but I think he will be honoured most by you, the family to which he devoted his love, as you continue to build on the strengths he has given you.
The Bowens lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
I haven't much to add to what I've said on the blog, at the funeral and elsewhere. But it feels like I've had a partial lobotomy. Seamus made all of us smarter, with helpful gentle pointers clarifying our ideas and steering away from traps.

For those interested, I've catalogued Seamus's blog posts; alas, Blogger otherwise makes you wade through my stuff as well. Emma, Liam, and Flynn - you might want to read through them when you're taking economics some day.
Eric Crampton lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
I had the good fortune to work with Seamus on the Council of the New Zealand Association of Economists over the last six years. He was an excellent person to have on Council, and it was fitting that he became President. He had a real passion for the main goal of the Association, supporting the community of economists in New Zealand. That attitude extended to the econoblogosphere, too, where he was always encouraging people to contribute. His other great strength was that he could keep all the details organised with his meticulous, analytical mind. He was a great colleague and he will be missed.
Bill Kaye-Blake lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
The day I met Seamus, the day of his interview at McGill, I thought he was one of the most remarkable people I’d ever run across. Nothing he did since caused me to think otherwise. This is the saddest, most terrible news. Deepest sympathies to Sarah, Emma, Liam, and Flynn and to everyone else who knew and was touched by Seamus.
William Watson lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
My Seamus
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Sarah Hogan added a tribute/eulogy for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
I'd only known Seamus for a short time when I sat next to him at a Christchurch School of Music AGM. Seamus was on his phone off and on for much of the meeting and it amused me greatly when I discovered that he was playing online Scrabble with Sarah. Thinking back on that moment, it was not only “typical” of Seamus, but was also the beginning of a great friendship. Seamus loved music, teaching, education and learning in general, but most of all he loved his family and they were never far from his thoughts. He had an active mind, an amazing memory, an innate desire to help others and a child-like enthusiasm for life. Most Saturdays (before moving to Wellington), you could find Seamus in the staffroom at CSM while Flynn, Liam and Emma had lessons or played in CSM groups. I looked forward to our Saturday morning chats where we caught up on life, family, education, literature, the latest TV obsessions, economics, politics, vegetarian cooking or the latest happenings at UC. It was a privilege to have known Seamus - he made the world a better place and touched the lives of many. In Billy Joel’s words “Only the Good Die Young”. Sarah, Emma, Liam, and Flynn our thoughts are with you as we celebrate the life of this wonderful man.
Darcy lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan
Rest In Peace, Seamus. You were a great friend to our family and you always will be in our hearts!
My sincere condolences to Sarah, Emma, Liam and Flynn.
Natalya Kammerer lit a candle for Dr. Seamus Davie Hogan