(29 February 1972 - 18 October 2012)

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  • I too suffer at the expense of those greedy doctor and ended the worst,
    Do we need to be in stage to know God and so on. We do have conscience.

    All those greedy one who make us suffer, may they come to their senses before they pay in one way or another, We dont come into this world by accident.
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  • Inspirational
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  • Wow, thanks for the sharing, I never realized that I'm actually wealthy already, not by finance but by the people around me. Thank you for this upmost inspiring message to us all, may God bless you :D
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  • As a pastor of a large church here in Manila I am going to make sure everyone hears the testimony of Dr Richard. It is powerful and our young people, especially need to hear every word he had to say in his last hours. God bless him for doing this. I pray many will hear and respond. What a wonderful legacy he has left us.
    Dr Gerald L. Holloway, Word for the World Directo signed the Guest Book
  • I think you will be with Jesus in heaven. Your speech is truly an eye opener. It brought tears to my eyes and made me think hard.
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  • Although we are mere acquaintances, I am truly sad of your demised. what you said in your testimony of what kind of person you truly were is an encouraging to all others to come forward and be true to themselves. I never thought you were like what you said "too many caases just want to quickly finsihed the cases off" as you were very dedicated and despite how long it takes, you still take to ensure everything is well done. To lose such a nice brother in christ n Doctor is a demised. RIP. Amen.
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  • 50 tangkai bunga mawar, 10 ikat bunga campur, 6 batng lilin putih
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  • peristiwa 1
    Bapa Kami yang ada di Surga, dimuliakan namaMu, datanglah kerajaanMu, jadilah kehendakMu, diatas umi seperti di dalam Surga, dst
    Salam Maria penuh rahmat tuhan sertaMu terpujilah engklau di antara wanita dan terp[ujilah buah tubuhMu dst.....10x
    Bapa Kami yang ada di Surga dimuliakan namaMu datanglah kerajaanMu jadilah kehendakMu di atas bumi seperti di dalam Surga, berilah kai rezeki pada hari ini dan ampunilah......
    Salam Maria penuh rahmat Tuhan sertamu terpujilah engkau
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