Born in Singapore on 22 May 1996
Passed away in Singapore on 3 September 2014
Aged 18 years
Always Remembered By Family And Loved Ones.


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Hello Denyse ! I hope you remember me! we only saw each other a few times during secondary, when you were with your best friend that always laughing and and shouthing beside each other whenever i see you guys together .

i hope you enjoy the sweets that i ask her to pass to you. I had a crush on you back than in secondary but i knew i would had no luck hahaha but i tried either way and hoping.. but i still am very happy to see you smile every single day when i see you in school.

I know we dont know each other much but its been 5 years since your passing i hope your resting in a good place up there

If you were still around i wish i would have tried to talk to you more and laugh together.. but at least im happy you enjoyed my sweets. Thank you for being my motivation in school
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Sorry I’m late, was held back by life but I have never forgotten about it. Today will be your 5th anniversary of your passing. Im doing great and I even chased after my dream which I told you about! Im a full time 2D Animator now. Love You and Miss You Little sis

With Love,
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Beloved 23rd birthday little sis I’m still here, forever remembering you Missing you every single moment.
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Yet another year have passed, time passes as we least know it. This would be your 4th year since your devastating news which I woke up to. As always I miss you so much my little Sister. You might have become less than a shadow to many but to me you are always a divine presence and a reminder of what I am able to accomplish when I feel lost or giving up. Thank you for giving me the strength and watching over me.

With Love,
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  • Teo: Hey, I'm sorry to disturb you but I wanted to ask if do you know Denyse burial place? If you do, do you mind letting me know the place? Will be appreciated alot... Thanks...
    • 1 year ago via mobile
Kathie Koh lit a candle for DENYSE TAN
You would have been 22 Years Old today, I miss you every single day, especially your trade mark RedLips.
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I miss you ❤️ Hope you have been well
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