Constance Mabel Swile

Born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia on 23 July 1941
Passed away in Wakerley, Queensland, Australia on 25 March 2018
Late of Wakerley
Aged 76 years
Constance Mabel Swile (nee Bolton)Left this world on the 25 March 2018The intensity with which you loved us all formed the glue that bonded... Read more
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Your absence has gone through me
like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color. W S Merwin
I miss you Mum
Tracey Barker lit a candle for Constance Mabel Swile
A special mention must be made to the Wynnum Manly Workers Club at Tingalpa. The family were all extremely touched when the senior and junior fundraising groups both pledged $500 each towards Connie's wake. This meant that all food and drinks were catered for, and the family had one less thing to have to think of during this very sad time. I know that both Connie, and her partner Brian, both looked forward to Sunday afternoons when they went to share a laugh with friends at this club. While the family were aware of Connie's special qualities, knowing that the club felt her worthy of such a gesture, reinforced for all, just how special she really was. On behalf of the family, we would all like to express our gratitude to the club for hosting an awesome wake, where we were able to share many happy memories of this wonderful woman.
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