Claude Vernon Poulter

Born in Zimbabwe on 24 April 1937
Passed away on 11 December 2018
Aged 81 years
grandchildren and their partners Grandchildren great grandchildren The Family. 

Not there Brent Short and Tarryn, Micheal Short Claude and Felicity with sons Benjamin (left) and Wayne (right) Daughters: Veronica (left) Belinda (right) with Claude and Felicity
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Brother Claude,

You were such a wonderful human being and those of us who got the pleasure of knowing you were blessed. You were more than just a Pastor to me but you were also one of my favorite people on earth and you were just like a grandpa to me. I miss you very much. My heart aches that you're gone but I know you are in a much better place and you're young again. I look forward to the day we all meet again on the other side. I love you. I pray that God comforts Sis Fee, Veronica and the rest of your family and also the church. Much love and till we meet again
Shalom Nyambia lit a candle for Claude Vernon Poulter
Our Beloved Brother and Pastor. You have proven to be a True Soldier of the Cross, a True servant and a faithful career of this end-time message. you have been a source of inspiration to many of us. Your commitment to the truth, regardless of what it costs is a true vindication of your faithfulness to your call as a minister of this end-time message. You contended for the faith, even when in cost you friendship and families. I always respect that and would continue to do so. The last time I spoke with you, and you mentioned to me that you were afflicted by prostate cancer, little did I know that, that was going to be the last time I was talking to you. Though I was devastated by the news, I felt a lot encouraged by your stand- your faith in the healing power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

Your passing came as a blow to my heart. Strength went out of me, when My wife called and broke the news to me that the Lord took you unto Glory - could not work for the rest of the day. I know for sure your going is a Victory for you, knowing that you are with the Lord, but those of us you left behind are concerned about what we missed. Not to be self-fish, we wish you continue to be with us. your passing has left a very big vacuum - a vacuum in the family, the church and the brotherhood, We would forever miss you, but we know one thing for sure. As promised by our Lord, We Shall meet you with the Lord. We do have a consolation, knowing that you are among the group that have the 1st call (the priority group) ...."the dead in Christ shall arise first..." (1The 4: 16-18). May the good Lord Bless you. Shalom. - Brother Henry Nusetor, Toronto, Canada
Henry Nusetor lit a candle for Claude Vernon Poulter
To Aunty Fee and family, you are all in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Although l only met Uncle Claude when l was very young l remember him very fondly and remember that he always had a very kind and gentle way about him. I know that he is resting peacefully with our Heavenly Father above and that one day we will all meet again. Sending lots of love and strength to all of you across the ocean. With all my love. Ros
Ros Hensberg Fuhri lit a candle for Claude Vernon Poulter
You were such an honourable and wise man that I had the absolute pleasure of knowing! I remember many incredibly meaningful and deep conversations with you when I was younger, that I’ve held very close to my heart. It has saddened me deeply to hear of your passing - whilst we spent a few years apart - it’s taught me to cherish all moments we have with loved ones. I hope that you stood proud and tall at the very end, looking upon your gorgeous family with grace and love. Much love xx
Taleisha Collins lit a candle for Claude Vernon Poulter