Bryce Adam Nettle

Born in Australia on 3 October 1990
Passed away on 17 November 2015
Aged 25 years
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Bryce's family,
My heart goes out to you all; what a handsome young man full of life in that wonderful photo.

I've had chronic lyme disease 47 yrs. last christmas; 35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs; UNACCEPTABLE. Tracking my tick back when/where I was when i got sick; I determined tick came off my folk's CUT christmas tree. Since then, met many complete families bitten the same way as me!

My late husband, Jack, passed away 14 months ago. I donated his body to Des Moines, Iowa osteopathic college for medical study by students wanting to become drs.

They removed his brain which I didn't know; I pursued having a complete brain autopsy done.

Nov. 22, 2015, I received this WORLD-BREAKING HISTORY NEWS:

Jack was 1st person worldwide to have these 2 diseases in his brain:

BORRELIA/LYME DISEASE and lewy body dementia like the late actor/comedian, robin williams, causing VIOLENT hallucinations!

Jack's brain results are being written up as we speak for scientific medical journal publications! I'LL BE 1ST CO-AUTHOR, a non-medical person over the 3 medical background co-authors!!

I've learned also that a few publish these FREE; another 1 that may be publishing his brain results charges $2,000/ARTICLE!! No wonder prompt info doesn't get out to public; many CAN'T afford $2,000 per journal article to submit them.

Jack was NEVER diagnosed for either disease. Tracking back when Jack got so sick, he also was bitten 35 yrs. ago from tick on lumber helping his brother build an addition onto their kitchen!

He died 2 nights after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of r. lung & liver areas, but his medical documents show also BONE cancer too not told to me.

Best wishes to you all; RIP BRYCE from an unknown Iowa patient with the same disease who is very vocal and politically involved in MAKING CHANGES HAPPEN during MY lifetime. I'll be 67 in March!
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I am truly sorry for your loss. By looking at Bryce's picture, he seems like one of those people completely comfortable in his own skin. I pray you, in time, will have lovely memories of this young man, so full of life. MSIDS (Lyme with friends) has taken way too many lives. I work with MSIDS patients on a daily basis and it breaks my heart to see so many young people unable to afford treatment due to the political quagmire Lyme falls into.
Praying for peace,
Madison Lyme Support Group (Wisconsin)
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I am very regretful of this. No words seem adequate at this early hour to describe how depressing it is to have read about this tragic situation.
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