Bruce Anthony McDONALD

Born in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia on 27 June 1972
Passed away in Ethelton,Adelaide South Australia, Australia on 31 October 2017
Late of Ethelton, Adelaide South Australia
Aged 45 years
Loving Son of Norma, MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVED BROTHER OF Alan, Martin, Letitia and Niki, Adored,admired and always cherished Uncle of 24 Nieces and... Read more


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Happy Birthday Boo Boo
Teash lit a candle for Bruce Anthony McDONALD
Boo Boo,
Today you should be turning 48. Today you should be in hiding refusing calls and denying the fact it’s your birthday.
Today you should be protesting to anyone who will listen that you’re “younger” than me.
Today you would have eventually given in and accepted the fact I wouldn’t have given up until I got to say Happy Birthday to you and remind you how much we love you!

Where ever you and John-boy are hanging out tonight, make sure you drink like you mean it, dance like no one is watching, and remember the love we are sending you tonight is the same love we sent you yesterday,the same love we’ll send you tomorrow and every day after that until we catch up again.

Not having you here is something I will never comprehend, accept or get over.
You were more than my brother Boo, you were my partner in crime, my support and my best friend.
If I had one wish, that would be to have you back so you could see the hole you have left in so many peoples lives.
If that wish ever came true, I would never let you feel the sadness you felt in your heart the last few weeks you were here.
I wouldn’t take No for and answer when it came to staying with me and getting the love and support you deserved instead of suffering in silence where you were living.

The kids miss their Uncle Boo, and I know you would never have meant to break our hearts, or see us cry, it wasn’t your nature, you always put everyone’s feelings and needs before your own.

I miss you as much today as I did 970 days ago when you left.

Your memory will never fade, your presence will always be missed.
I will always make sure your name will never be forgotten.
Happy Birthday Boo Boo.
Forever Loved and missed every single day.
27th June 1972-31st October 2017
Teash gave a flower for Bruce Anthony McDONALD