Boyd Wilfred Trott

Born on 7 June 1924
Passed away on 9 November 2015
Aged 91 years
Husband to Marjorie Joy Trott and father to Linda, Valerie , Basil , Christina , Carolyn and Justin. Grandfather to 18 grandchildren and 3... Read more
100th ANZAC DAY celebrations
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Once upon a time, when you were travelling with the Church Army Van through the Wimmera, as B.W. Trott, Capt., a rather large lad came up to and asked if you would sign his blue autograph book. It was the 26th day of September 1949, lambing time, and I know this because your companion, Colin L. Steep also left a verse and dated his page.

That husky lad was my mother's "little brother; change-of-life baby born 1937 - twenty-one years after my nan birthed her first laddie.
You chose a page, blue as the Virgin's cloak, and wrote in a firm hand, Ecc. 12. I. - "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth." Ah.... I carry the sorrow of bearing witness to how that Wimmera lad's adult life in all it's valleys and peaks had panned out. That it was through my hands his ashes were returned to the waters of the Wimmera in which he had frolicked as a boy. I wept for all in whom there slept a sense of life lived in accordance with love and I wonder - often - what it had all been about. I carry the joy of being Storyteller to the journeys my family made and the people they met, perhaps for a moment, perhaps for a season. I am so very glad to meet you, B. W. Trott, Capt., in the middle of the air, in a way that is not bound by pomp or circumstance.

Lest I forget, here are the words (Capt.) Colin L. Steep C.A. shared :

When your days on earth are over and life's pathway safely trod;
May your name in gold be written,
In the autograph of God.

At this time of writing, I am packing up my home of 14 years, my life again in boxes to go into storage. I had been praying for what I want logistically: a couple of blokes with a van.

God, I know beyond doubt now, has a fine sense of humour, impeccable timing and is always always present.
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