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Billy Frost

Born in Brisbane, Australia on 14 April 1989
Passed away on 22 January 2019
Aged 29 years
We miss you mete, you’ll always be my little red man.
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I got you home yesterday which was nice - now you can keep an eye on me whilst I mow your lawn! I love and miss you a lot xoxox
Mrs Fiona Frost posted a message for Billy Frost
billy I don’t know where to start with you but I would like to say every day working with you at boral was a blast even when you would hose me with water into my truck/kick the chair out from under me/steal my food and move my car and ring me to tell me it was stolen.Sandi and I where with you for the last time today mate and it felt weird not having you running around trying to wrestle like we used to/jumping around like clowns and even talking in our spastic language.You will be missed mate by us and the whole community you are 1 of the funniest people I knew luv ya bud from Sandi and myself
Brad Rundle posted a message for Billy Frost
Stradbroke island will never be the same. You are missed and loved xxx
Inge Stephens posted a message for Billy Frost
I already miss the crazy, loud and hilarious Snapchats we would get each day. I would have to wait until I was home and in the bedroom to watch and laugh with the volume up!!! Love you x
Kate Ziemins-Hill posted a message for Billy Frost