Billy Frost

Born in Brisbane, Australia on 14 April 1989
Passed away on 22 January 2019
Aged 29 years
We miss you mete, you’ll always be my little red man.
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Had a dream about us all out in the boat fishing and you were trying to force al to kiss a fish smooshing both his and the fishes face together - al was screaming/laughing and trying to fight you off but you had him overpowered (like always)... doesn’t matter how much time has passed mate, the reality of you not being here isn’t getting any easier, you’re so missed xx
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Love you
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We miss you mete, you’ll always be my little red man.
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I got you home yesterday which was nice - now you can keep an eye on me whilst I mow your lawn! I love and miss you a lot xoxox
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Lobbo’ - mate! I’m back at work now but feel you everywhere. This dust pan & brush popped up out of nowhere in my welding bay.. it was called “Lobby pan set”.. What the eff right?! Then just before lunch triple m played radioactive - your walk out song. It’s so hard still & I miss you the most but am glad you are everywhere all the time. I love you mate
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Hey Billy, I hope you can still check out Instagram - I saw some more posts from the Betoota Advocate about Uncle Tony. There are so many things that remind me of you I know you will never be far from my mind. Every time I see a stacked burger or some other delicious treat I will remember the places we had on our list to try out when you and Fi would come and visit us Townies. Life will never be the same without you my friend but we will do our best to make you proud of how we spend our time until we see each other again. I love you mate! See you on the flip side!
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