Barry (Baz) Robin

Born in Gisborne, New Zealand on 18 March 1962
Passed away on 15 April 2019
Aged 57 years


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I was very saddened to hear of Barry’s passing. Getting to know Baz way back when he lived with Andrena and Michelle in Sydney I fondly remember catching up for a few beers, watching a game of rugby (always a gracious All Black victor!), listening to some great music or having the odd philosophical discussion. Barry was genuine, caring and kind with a positive outlook on life and a great sense of humour. My deepest sympathies go out to Helen and family at this difficult time.
John Hackett
John Hackett lit a candle for Barry (Baz) Robin
  • Mrs Helen Robin: thank you for your lovely words John. I know he thought highly of you also.
    • 1 year ago
I got to know Baz through work and we worked together for many years. His humour and happiness brought light to every single day for myself and all the other people fortunate to work with him. Many of his jokes are still used by me on a regular basis. He was kind, supportive and caring during work times and outside as well. He displayed great love for his family and you could see the joy that they brought him every time he would talk about them. He was a great role model to me and will be fondly remembered always.
Nathan Slater lit a candle for Barry (Baz) Robin
Thanks for the great memories from our time in London & our wedding (see photos of you & Gavin before and during Haka). Over 32 years of friendship.

Leaving the Maida Vale Flat, on one of your many travels, so I could occupy the "boys room" the rest is history. We will all miss you, the stories, parties, the laughter & fun you brought to a lot of people over the years.

It was great meeting you & Helen after all those years in Brisbane, you met our kids, we caught up. YOU took us to the airport all 5 of us piled in with Helen and yourself. Generous as always.

We will miss you Baz, far too soon. Strength and love to all your family and friends.

One quick Barry Robin story. When I met you in London, you were so proud on getting your 3rd working holiday visa to allow you stay 6 years in London, you had just accidentally washed your passport with your jeans in Zimbabwe, your newly issued NZ passport was duly stamped for 2 more years on your arrival at Heathrow. Grant

You were one of the most colorful people: full of life, personality and authentic. Gone way too soon. Wishing your family and dear ones lots of strength. Irreplaceable. Xxoo Pauline
Pauline Engelberts lit a candle for Barry (Baz) Robin
I am so devastated knowing Barry is not with us anymore. Barry was one of the best colleague I worked with. Always happy, cheerful and full of energy. Barry and I worked at Brisbane Airport and in no time we became best work mate and close friends. He made work enjoyable and interesting with his great sense of humor. I ended up making song for Barry in Hindi which became our greeting everyday. Most days when I saw Barry I would sing that song and Barry would dance on it. Absolutely great human being and a friend.

Barry, you will be sorely missed.Rest in peace brother. My deepest sympathies go out to Barry' family.
Hemant Patel lit a candle for Barry (Baz) Robin
I remember Barry as a happy, friendly guy and would always stop and have a chat. My husband and I had the pleasure to work with him on the Goro project 2002-3. Our condolences and prayers to his family and that he will be fondly remembered.
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So, saddened to hear the news of my one of the best work colleagues. Barry was a great guy and a pleasure to work with. I met Barry in early 2018 in MPC’s Broken Hill Project and soon, we became intimate friends. We used to sit together for lunch, dinner and go to Gym when we were on site. He also shared his experience visiting my country Nepal and we had a discussion to visit Nepal together someday, which became impossible now. In my last meet with him in Spring Gully, he discussed about his Thailand Trip with his family. He was the person who always brought a smile to my face every day on site. I am so sorry for your loss, Barry. You will always be remembered as one of my best friend.
Gyanendra Regmi lit a candle for Barry (Baz) Robin
What a special, unforgettable moment it was to have Andrena & Baz as flatmates 25 years ago.

He was the perfect man about the house – a gentle man and a gentleman, a wonderful listener and kind adviser, always keeping things simple and never compromising his values – and a bonus, incredibly clean and tidy!

Kentucky fried chiken, Melrose Place, Formula 1 racing (including Aryton Senna’s last) bottles of port, laughs, tears…….

Whilst we girls travelled the emotional rollercoster of youth, Baz was our rock – a blend of big brother, best friend and bodyguard all in one – giving me the nickname “Goose”. Andrena, how did you escape being called “Gander? !”

Helen, although not physically with us, you were always there – you were the love of his life, as we were so often reminded as he sang his way around the house.

My heart goes out to you, his family – wishing you strength through such a tragic sad loss.

Michelle “Goose”
Michelle Adonis lit a candle for Barry (Baz) Robin