Aidan Francis Peart

Born in Melbourne, Australia on 16 April 1922
Passed away in Opal Aged Care on 25 April 2019
Late of Deception Bay
Aged 97 years
Aidan and Kath with great grand daughter Melina on 13 Dec 2017 Aidan and Kath with grandsons Charles and Douglas and Great grand daughter Meilina at Deception Bay Tavern 30 Nov 17 Aidan, Kath and Les 6 July 2014 Aidan & Kath in their Deception Bay home watching TV 6 July 2014 Aidan and Kath at Pho Phu Quoc Restaurant Dickson ACT 5 May 2005 Aidan with Kath and Dawn January 2015 Aidan at his 90th Birthday Party
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From Alice (Australian Hearing):

It was an absolute delight to have met your Poppa and help him with his hearing. To see and hear his delight when he could hear again; and when I visited him and helped him put his “ears on” – he was enjoying the beautiful sunshine on his balcony. Your Poppa was a true gentleman. Some people get to his age and lament about sickness, aches and pains, but not your Poppa. He spoke of how much he looked forward to being able to hear his family more easily.
Kimberley Richards signed the Guest Book
From the team at Redcliffe Oncology:

Aidan visited us monthly and was such a delightful man. When Aidan attended our unit his face would light up when he saw someone he recognised. We last treated Aidan just after his 97th birthday. Even with his failing health he conducted himself in a dignified and kind manner. It was a privilege to treat Aidan at a time when he was vulnerable and I hope that as we all age we can take a lesson from Aidan and do so with the dignity and grace that he possessed.
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Words from Layana and the team at Opal Northlakes:

In loving memory of Aidan - Opal North Lakes team feel very privileged to have nursed and met such a beautiful man like Aidan. He had a witty sense of humour and all of the nurses adored him.

He was known for being a true gentleman who will be missed by all.

Kimberley Richards signed the Guest Book
Words from Tracey (Deception Bay Pharmacy):

Mrs Peart would always question the bill for her medications, whilst going through this with her, Mr Peart would quietly go to another cash register and hand over the money without her knowing.

He was head over heels in love with his wife. At Mrs Peart's funeral, I saw him give her one last kiss. I thought what an honour it was to witness that moment.

He was a quiet, modest, gentle, patient man. Polite and jovial with a great sense of humour.
Kimberley Richards signed the Guest Book
Aidan was a fine gentleman who was my mother's wonderful partner for 60 years. The love between mum and Aidan was fantastic and to the last they were always holding hands and supporting each other. You lived a wonderful life. Rest in Peace.
Les Boag signed the Guest Book
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