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Peter Grunwald Peter Grunwald

Born in Germany on 16 September 1931
Passed away in Australia on 19 April 2012
Late of Duns Creek
Aged 80 years
It was an honour and a privilege to have looked after your arrangements at this difficult time. Kind regards Chris Learmouth White Lady Mayfield
Chris Learmouth lit a candle
Mayfield, Australia
Sending many blessing of love light and peace.
Varuna lit a candle
It is just a week since the poor old ute met her end. I have just been in to retrieve belongings and I can see that she tried to protect you to the last. Dear old Wonton Rodeo I know how much you loved her my darling.
Sharon lit a candle
Blessings of joy and peace on this journey into oneness. "Arrivederci" beloved. We'll be looking for you. Much love xxx
Lalitha Durga lit a candle
Deep blessings of Love and Gratitude for your life. Namaste
Matangi lit a candle
Dora Creek
Dear Peter I could tell in the brief special moments that we spent together you were a true gentleman. I am sure you are passing to a special place
sandra backhausen lit a candle
Sending many blessing of love, light and peace.
Mata Uma lit a candle
So glad to have meet and been lucky enough to be in the company of such a truly amazing,kind hearted,and all rounder great man!
Ebony Eulo and Family lit a candle
The rose now grows on the other side of the wall. Much gratitude for so much relayed through your devoted wife. Namaste
Brigid lit a candle
Sending angels xxx
tajavati lit a candle